title Plenary Sessions 19 Sep 2020

The Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Natia Turnava reporting to...

title Bureau 18 Sep 2020

The sitting of the Bureau

title Chairman 18 Sep 2020

Archil Talakvadze participating in the Closing Ceremony of the Multinational...

title Plenary Sessions 17 Sep 2020

Plenary Session of the Parliament

title Environmental Protection and N... 17 Sep 2020

Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee Approving Changes to...

title National Movement 17 Sep 2020

Roman Gotsiridze: We are introducing the Bill granting parliamentary and...

title Bureau 17 Sep 2020

The Sitting of the Bureau

title Legal Issues Committee 17 Sep 2020

Sitting of Legal Issues Committee

title Chairman 17 Sep 2020

Archil Talakvadze: European Parliament positively estimates reforms implemented...

title Procedural Issues and Rules Co... 17 Sep 2020

Sitting of Rules and Procedural Issues Committee