Kakha Kuchava: the term “green lines” will soon become popular in the legislative sphere

19 Feb 2019
Kakha Kuchava: the term “green lines” will soon become popular in the legislative sphere

The Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee works on the new initiative – “Green Lines”, which was introduced by the authors: Chair of the Committee, Kakha Kuchava and the Chair of the Faction “Georgian Dream”, Mamuka Mdinaradze at the briefing today.

The term “green lines” will soon become popular in the legislative sphere”, - K. Kuchava noted. The initiative envisages protection of the territory of the squares, parks and gardens in every city and town countrywide.

The coordinates will be precisely provided in the law. It will be the law similar to the law on Protected Areas, where any change regarding the borders will be related with the legal changes. It is one of the highest standards of protection of territories”, - K. Kuchava noted.

The Committee sets up the working group in this direction and every municipality or the City Assembly will be entitled to appeal to the group on increase of territory, extension or demarking issues.

Within the group, we will cooperate with the Regional Policy Committee, the Chair of which, Zaza Gabunia expressed commitment to be engaged. It is to be one of the most dynamic laws as we speak about intermittent amendments to the law aiming at extension of these territories and providing more green spaces to the cities. We cooperate with the USAID project for which we are very grateful. Every person concerned will be entitled to participate, engage and offer ideas. After accomplishment of the initial version, we will be open for the remarks by the citizens. Deriving from the noble objectives of the law, I believe it will be highly approved”.

According to M. Mdinaradze, it is particularly relevant lately. “We often encounter the protest by the citizens about constructions in the parks and squares and their protest is lawful. This new initiative will end this process by establishing the new term “green lines” to protect the parts, squares and gardens from the capital constructions”.

It will be the historical decision and the step for the Parliament to be proud of. “I believe, the Bill will be highly approved by the society and our colleagues. I would like to express my gratitude to the Environmental Committee. I, together with Mr. Kuchava authored this idea. I also would like to thank USAID for engagement in this process”.

The authors have consulted with Tbilisi Mayor and Deputies. “We need support of local authorities for the Bill and they render absolute support clearly expressed in their decisions, for instance, about prohibition of construction in Vake Park”.


  • Kakha Kuchava: the term “green lines” will soon become popular in the legislative sphere, February 19, 2019