The Inaugural Plenary Session of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine Inter-Parliamentary Assembly

05 Oct 2018
The Inaugural Plenary Session of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine Inter-Parliamentary Assembly

Tbilisi Parliament hosts the Inaugural Plenary Session of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine Inter-Parliamentary Assembly.

The Speaker of Georgian Parliament, H.E. Irakli Kobakhidze opened the session:

We are glad that it is Georgia hosting the first session of the joint Parliamentary Assembly. The Assembly aims at joint protection of interests of our countries and better coordination of our positions at the international arena within various multilateral formats. We strive to jointly achieve transformation of EUAA into the EU membership perspective. In this view, our task is to share the experience of reforming on EU integration and in response to the international and regional challenges, to mobilize our efforts. This endeavor is oriented to peace, cooperation and development. We are committed to establish close ties with any country and organization expressing same aspiration for peace and stability in the region”.

Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova share successful experience of cooperation and coordination, which will facilitate to coordination of reforms and aspiration to the West. “Our countries already share successful experience of cooperation within GUAM, which will facilitate to coordination of reforms and our aspiration to West. However, we will continue cooperation within GUAM as well in view of which we undertake the fundamental reforms in socio-economic, rule of law, human rights, education, citizen-oriented state institutions enhancement and other directions. In other situation, our individual attempts might appear insufficient for modernization of our countries and democratic transformation of the societies”.

The Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, Andrian Candu welcomed the attendees: “Today, it is due time to speak in unison to reach the addressees and deliver the clear message. In the shortest period, we have held three important Inter-Parliamentary conferences and now, we stand at the point when Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine Parliamentary Assembly establishes its institution. In this very international political context, it is important that we have developed our coordinated action plan and our countries try to navigate between two international centers of gravitation”.

He wished successful activity to Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and underlined importance of cooperation of three countries within the Parliamentary Assembly.

The Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Andriy Parubiy spoke about importance of the Assembly and new format of cooperation of the countries to address the joint challenges. “The path leading to set-up of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly was short and intensive. At the meetings in Chisinau and Kiev we made the decision to set up the Assembly and today we already hold the first session. This intensive mood of cooperation indicates to the fact that we share so many things in common. Our countries share common history and this year, we together celebrate the 100th anniversary of restoration of our statehood”.

Speaking about the challenges, Mr. Parubiy emphasized occupation of the part of the territories of Ukraine. “We try to jointly respond to these challenges implying occupation of our territories by Russia. We shall assume responsibility towards each other and against the background of hybrid wars, act under the common strategy. We also share our aspiration to NATO and EUAA. This is our future we all lead our ways to. I believe that our first working meeting will serve the guarantee for our future joint and active cooperation and the foundation we have laid today will bring success”.

The President of the Baltic Parliamentary Assembly, Valerijus Simulik hailed set-up of the trilateral Parliamentary Assembly. “The Baltic countries believe and support cooperation of regional development. We enjoy such relations for 27 years and achieved the goals, such are protection of borders, economic cooperation etc. together. Set up of the Assembly is the step forward to create better conditions for economic development and improve cooperation between the countries to the higher level. The Assembly can trigger development of your countries, which shall in its turn facilitate to approximation with European institutions. We have always supported aspiration of your countries and we hail your decision as well”.

The MEP, Ana Gomes hailed formation of cooperation into the new institution. “Enhancement of relations between three countries requires unification of the political resources you possess. Georgian, Moldovan and Ukrainian Parliaments opted to accelerate the reforms allowing them fulfilling the commitments assumed under DCFTA and EUAA. I believe that these reforms will lead you closer to the European institutions. I, being the Member of European Parliament, will further support your countries and I hail the decision on set-up of the joint Assembly”.

In the end of the session, three Speakers signed the Statute of the Assembly.