Four new Members of the Board of Trustees of Public Broadcaster

13 Aril 2016
Four new Members of the Board of Trustees of Public Broadcaster

The Parliament elected four new members of the PB Board of Trustees – Irina Putkaradze nominated by the Public Defender with 104 votes; Giorgi Nizharadze nominated by at least ¼ of independent MPs with 108 votes; Sulkhan Saladze with 104 votes and Irakli Papava, nominated by majority Factions with 104 votes.

Prior to voting, the Speaker reminded MPs the election procedures. “The competition was called for four vacant positions. The Parliament set up the Competition Commission to consider the candidate data, interview the candidates and created their short list. In line with the law, the Public Defender was to nominate one candidate, at least ¼ of independent MPs (at least 17 MPs) to nominate two candidates and the majority to nominate one candidate”.

The majority and minority MPs also made statements. “We have held interesting and intensive consultations with admission of exceptions and objections and I think, we well realize necessity that the Board of Trustees shall no longer be in the list of arguable issues because we have lots of international observers and our society expects final formation of the Board. Thus, we agreed to support all nominated candidates to cover the point as it is to be done by a democratic and developed country”, - majority leader, Giorgi Volski noted.

As the minority MP, Sergo Ratiani stated, the Commission cannot be positively evaluated as the candidates were blocked and options were limited. “Despite of this fact, we will be constructive and support majority candidate and other candidates as well”.