The Speaker of Georgian Parliament, Mr. Irakli Kobakhidze hosted the President of Italy, Mr. Sergio Mattarella

17 Jul 2018
The Speaker of Georgian Parliament, Mr. Irakli Kobakhidze hosted the President of Italy, Mr. Sergio Mattarella

The parties discussed the bilateral and multilateral relations and future cooperation prospects. They emphasized further enhancement of the Parliamentary relations.

The Speaker underlined importance of support of Italy to development of Georgian statehood and thanked Mr. Mattarella for supporting territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia. He touched upon the foreign policy priorities of Georgia stating that EU and NATO integration is the choice made based on the values of Georgian people.

The parties discussed the security situation in the region and the current situation on the occupied territories of Georgia. Mr. Kobakhidze introduced the pragmatic policy of Georgia towards Russia and touched upon the new peacekeeping initiative of the Georgian Government. The parties discussed geographic location and the transit potential of Georgia.

According to the Speaker, the Georgian Government strives to restore historical functions of Georgia through respective infrastructure. The Parties overviewed cultural and people-to-people relations.

Mr. Kobakhidze thanked Mr. Mattarella for Italy’s support to the National Library of the Parliament. He introduced the ongoing and implemented reforms and the Parliamentary agenda. According to the Italian President, it is his first official visit to Georgia and he is glad that the visit coincides with the 100th anniversary of establishment of the first Democratic Republic of Georgia.

He emphasized importance of the Parliament and thanked the Speaker for hospitality. Georgia is the closes partner of Italy in the region and Italy strongly supports territorial integrity and sovereignty, as well as EU aspiration of Georgia.

The President of Italy serves his first visit to Georgia and in this regards, it is historic indeed. Italy is a very important partner to Georgia as in political so in economic terms. We enjoy the close cooperation but today, it was underlined that there is the potential to even further enhance the relations. We discussed various issues, including the situation on the occupied territories of Georgia. It is important for us that the President of Italy reaffirmed his intact support to territorial integrity of Georgia and non-recognition policy. It was a very important message and besides, we emphasized the economic cooperation noting that there are the chances to even further enhance our economic cooperation. Italy is the 10th trade partner of Georgia but cherishes the high interest in Georgia and this potential can be utilized”, - the Chair of the EU Integration Committee, Tamar Khulordava stated.