Irakli Kobakhidze: the Parliamentary Majority is in unison and we have no problems

09 Aril 2018
Irakli Kobakhidze: the Parliamentary Majority is in unison and we have no problems

“The Parliamentary Majority continues activity. There were some incidents and misconducts, I mean the case of Gedevan Pophkadze. Unfortunately, Mr. Popkhadze heavily insulted his team members against the background of speculations with the religion. I believe that we will consider such issues and will prevent them in the future”. 

According to the Speaker, G. Popkhadze insulted his team members when estimating the voting process for endorsement of the candidate nominated by European Georgia on the quota basis. “It was a heavy insult and it shall be responded”.

Some members of the Majority made mistakes in their public statements. “There are three or four MPs making mistakes in their public statements. It is a problem, though easily solvable. We will discuss every of them and I believe that no such problems will occur in the future”.

The Majority shares the strong relations, he stated. “The Parliamentary Majority is in unison. We have no problems. The relations in the Parliamentary Majority are strong. Hence, minor incidents cannot create the problems. We have the processes properly planned. There is the list of the certain people considering these issues, for instance, we have the special format in the Majority with the representatives of the Speakerate, as well as the Chairs of the Committees and Factions and naturally with the Leader of Majority. There are various formats for considerations and decision-making. We do not lack the discussions. It is important to consider the processes and I believe that our MPs will act in line with these principles”.