Irakli Kobakhidze introduced the draft Constitutional Law to the scientists

08 Jun 2017
Irakli Kobakhidze introduced the draft Constitutional Law to the scientists

The new document under consideration in the Parliament is based on the fundamental principles of the Constitutional law – democracy, legal state, social state – which are due reflected in the document and establish the Parliamentary administration system”, - the Speaker stated at the meeting in the National Academy of Sciences with the academic circles and SRI representatives. 

He thanked the audience and stated that discussion of the draft with the people with particular merit to the country is important. He noted that the NAS members, Joni Khetsuriani and Mindia Ugrekhelidze were actively participating in the SCC activity. “People often urge as if we move from the semi-Presidential to the Parliamentary system, though in fact it is wrong. We do currently have the Parliamentary system where only the Government is to fulfill the executive administration and we maintain this system”.

Administration is based on 4 main principles: strong Parliament, effective Government, independent Court and impartial President. He noted that the Parliament is enhanced with various mechanisms and one of the key principles is transition from the mixed to the proportional electoral system. Certain norms ensure efficiency of the Government. New norms enhance independence of the Court. Speaking about the President he stated that the President in this system shall be distanced from the political processes and be neutral arbiter.

“We hold the wide discussions. The issue is manifested as if the people are deprived of the right to elect the President. Though, the starting point is the system. In one system, naturally better have the President directly elected, in another – indirectly. The system we form with the new Constitution, the President shall be indirectly elected to ensure his neutral function of the Head of State”.

The structure of the Constitution is completely changed and improved in technical terms. Various changes ensure protection of fundamental principles and human rights. “Important record added concerns the institution we are in now – Academy of Sciences. The Commission members had the initiative which the Commission shared. So, the Chapter I has the new record about the Academy and the issues to be regulated shall be defined as an exclusive authority of the central Government”.

The ruling team is ready to discuss the issue and answer the questions. Speaking about the land issue he noted that public considerations revealed particular interest and emotional attitude of the society to land issue, so all factors of land alienation have been analyzed. “The land is one of the important issues reflected in the Constitution. We held public considerations revealing that it is the issue related to particular emotional attitude of the society. We were assured at all 11 meetings we held in various regions and Tbilisi. Our duty is to act according to this attitude. We had discussions on land issue and during the last days, with participation of PM and the Government we held the meetings to finalize the position. We considered all the factors related to land alienation to foreigners as it is a particularly relevant issue. We analyzed all economic factors and the share of alienation to foreigners in economic growth or attraction of investments. We found out that the share is minor”.

According to the respective current practice, 5.5% of agricultural lands are alienated, which is a high index. He stated that the principal decision was made with consideration of hereof factors and strategic and national interests. “On this basis, and taking the national interests into account we made the decision to with stricter record regulate and define that the land shall be only under state or municipal ownership, under ownership of Georgian citizens or their unions. It was the principal decision we made at the meeting with the PM and Government. It is important for the society and the state. So, despite of severe criticism we made this decision. Criticism is different from the strategic interests to be due protected”.