The Statement by the Chairman

09 Mar 2017


As you know, the President of Georgia plans arrangement of the meeting on March 10 to introduce own approach to “public consideration of the Constitution” and respective “campaign”. The President invites the “representatives of the local and international organizations, political parties, diplomatic corps, Constitutionalists, the members of the Constitutional Commission, media and society representatives” (note: cited from the speech of the Press-Speaker of the President).

The president, with the hereof initiative, once again confronts the Parliament and the State Constitutional Commission revealing the fragrant disrespect to the primary democratic Constitutional institution of the country:

  1. The President convenes the meeting on March 10, the Plenary Session day in the Parliament despite that the Chairman of the Parliament and the 34 Members of the Constitutional Commission represent the legislative body and they shall be busy with fulfillment of their peculiar duties on March 10. Thus, Mr. Giorgi Margvelashvili revealed his deep disrespect to the Parliament of Georgia;
  2. In line with the legislation of Georgia, organization of public universal consideration of the draft revision of the Constitution is the exclusive authority and responsibility of the Parliament of Georgia. The President shall be entitled solely to support the Parliament in organization of consideration. Hence, the initiative of Mr. Margvelashvili stated without the consultations with the Parliament, blatantly contradicts with the requirements of the legislation of Georgia and shall be estimated as another fact of disrespect to the Parliament;
  3. In compliance with the legislation of Georgia, as well as with the rational logics, public consideration of the draft revision of the Constitution may be held only after development of the draft revision of the Constitution and submission thereof to the Parliament in capacity of the initiative. Hence, declaration of the hereof initiative by the President two months prior to accomplishment of development of the draft lacks of rational basis and may only aim at impeding activity of the State Constitutional Commission.

Taking all the hereof facts into account, I hereby call on the President to put the narrow political interests aside and show respect to the Constitutional institutions without creation of artificial impediments to activity of the State Constitutional Commission and to act in adherence to the Constitution and legislation of Georgia.

The Chairman of Parliament of Georgia

Irakli Kobakhidze