The statement by the Vice Speaker, Giorgi Volski

15 Aril 2019
The statement by the Vice Speaker, Giorgi Volski

“I and my colleagues have many times reiterated that the course held by Saakashvili Government in Georgia was directed to enhancement of his personal dictatorial system and was at the greatest extent, compliant with Russian interests, which was especially revealed during the tragic August 2008 events when the strategy cooperated with our partners – “Roadmap” was completely ignored and Russia had the opportunity to realize its plan necessary for occupation of Georgian territories.

Today, I would like to emphasize the new, evident messages of the leader of the National Movement, Mikheil Saakashvili about his political vision he introduced on April 12 in Warsaw at the meeting with Ukrainian Diaspora. Without ambiguity, he equals the approaches of Russia and Europe in regards with Ukraine and Georgia. In this grave situation, when international support is crucial for Ukraine and Georgia, Saakashvili indicates that no one needs developed Ukraine and Georgia in EU of “colonial policy”.

Besides, Saakashvili actually cited the primary strategic task formula of Russia and introduced the animated film to Ukrainian diaspora to demonstrate the prospect of development independently from dictatorship, which is based on the principle of movement of the Capital to the newly built city and the concept of demonstration of the universal welfare. In regards with Georgia, the formulations of the National Movement leader serve as the response to the universal positive assessment of the processes ongoing within the format of relations with the partner states, NATO, EU and other international organizations in political and economic terms.

I can admit that this statement can be considered as a yet another expression of inadequacy of this revolutionary politician by someone, though if we go deeper in analysis of the recent activities by the National Movement and its satellite politicians and parties, and the data of their Presidential candidate and now the Chair, the constant attempts to entail destabilization in the country – they may lead to different conclusions.

I hope that the public organizations and media will express the will to study the situation in wider context. I believe that the position of the political parties on these matters, as well as the opinions of the diplomatic corps about assessment of their countries and unions within EaP as the “coalitional policy” will be interesting for Georgian people.


  • The statement by the Vice Speaker, Giorgi Volski, April 15, 2019
  • პარლამენტის თავმჯდომარის მოადგილის, გიორგი ვოლსკის განცხადება, 2019 წლის 15 აპრილი