Tamar Chugoshvili: we want the Parliament to be strong and corresponding to the democratic country, and first of all it implies its oversight function

05 Feb 2019
Tamar Chugoshvili: we want the Parliament to be strong and corresponding to the democratic country, and first of all it implies its oversight function

My first meeting with the Georgian Parliament was held 10 years ago. 10 years ago I was the Parliamentary Secretary of GYLA and had the opportunity to attend the Committee sittings. It was the first time when I witnessed the Parliamentary activity and it was my greatest upset ever. It is because I witnessed the vacuum – the Parliament held the function of the Notary Offices and conducted zero processes”, - the First Vice Speaker, Tamar Chugoshvili stated at the plenary session.

MPs had no dissent, no questions not even mentioning oversight and summon of Ministers.

I had the desire to find the single MP in the Hall to ask a question. There was no one at the Committee sittings willing to ask a question and I was the only from NGOs having some questions”.

So, the IX Term assumed the key commitment to enhance the Parliament. “2 years ago, when the IX Term assumed office, when we were asked about our key task, we had a sincere answer – stronger Parliament corresponding to the democratic countries and with strong oversight function on the Government”.

The first week of the spring session will be dedicated to hearing two Ministers. “Today, we start the spring session. According to the new law effective, we start the new regime. The first week will be dedicated to hearing the Ministers and ask acute questions, to be assured in correctness of their activity. Criticize them or appraise. They shall be accountable to the people and to the Parliament”.

Today, we encounter different reality and the Parliament shall change its modus operandi.

We all assume special responsibility for maximal use of our capacity. And the IX Term is the Parliament holding this capacity and the function and it is up to us to maximally exercise our function and let the society see that the Parliament takes care of their problems and solves them. It is the part of responsibility that this authority is used in constructive manner as it is necessary for the country instead of the “concerts and shows”. I hope that we will meet the expectations of our population”.

She touched upon selection of the judges to the Supreme Court which puts the Parliament to the greatest responsibility.

We have assumed the greatest responsibility ever in the history of the Parliament. We shall appoint 18 judges in the Supreme Court with life-tenure term. It is the greatest responsibility we will have to bear for years. And first of all, I would like to address the people we are to support on the position of the Chair of the Legal Issues Committee, we hold great expectations to and who is the professional lawyer and is up to assume greatest responsibility. He shall ensure open process and confidence of the society to this very important decision”.

She wished good luck to her colleagues for 2 remaining years.

I would like to wish good luck to the Parliament for 2 years remaining in our term and wish first of all due implementation of the new Rules of Procedure, new Constitution and to meet the expectations of the society at a very important stage in juidical system of Georgia”.