Parliamentarians news
title Foreign Relations Committee 25 Aril 2019

The meeting of Dimitri Tskitishvili with the students

title The First Deputy Chairman of P... 25 Aril 2019

The project “EU Support to Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector”...

title Parliamentarians news 25 Aril 2019

The meeting of Zviad Kvachantiradze, Eka Beselia and Levan Gogichaishvili with...

title სახელმწიფო ეკონომიკურ პროგრამე... 22 Aril 2019

The verbal hearing by the Thematic Inquiry Group on Participation of Women in...

title Committee on European Integrat... 22 Aril 2019

The EU Integration Committee discussing the optional Protocol on Right of the...

title Bureau 22 Aril 2019

The sitting of the Bureau

title Healthcare and Social Issues C... 22 Aril 2019

The meeting of Akaki Zoidze with the Bloomberg Foundation Tobacco Control...

title Environmental Protection and N... 22 Aril 2019

The Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee approved the bill...

title Sector Economy and Economic Po... 22 Aril 2019

The sitting of the Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee

title The Permanent Parliamentary Ge... 21 Aril 2019

The meetings of Nino Tsilosani in Guria on economic strengthening of women