The Parliamentary Majority registering the draft resolution on June 20-21, 2019 Developments

05 Jul 2019
The Parliamentary Majority registering the draft resolution on June 20-21, 2019 Developments

The draft has been developed due to necessity of political estimation of the current situation as we witness the signs of radicalization and confrontation from the political platform to the society, which opposes to stability and economic growth of our country”, - the Vice Speaker, Majority Leader Giorgi Volski stated at the briefing. 

The draft underlines principal approaches of the Majority to be properly estimated by the society. He introduced the draft on June 20-21, 2019 Developments near the Parliament.

The Parliament of Georgia, relying on the Constitution of Georgia and the key principles thereof, fundamental human rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution, declares that:

  1. Adherence to and respect of the Constitutional order of Georgia is the duty of the Government of Georgia and every Georgian citizen;
  2. Protection of the freedom of idea, freedom of peaceful expression and manifestation by the Government in the democratic state is of principal importance;
  3. The Government, on June 20-21, 2019 has at maximal extent ensured the freedom of expression, peaceful manifestation and rally;
  4. Use of the peaceful protest of the citizens by the standalone politicians or the political groups as the ground for the actions against the Constitutional order grossly confronts the principles of the legal and political morality;
  5. The abovementioned facts are particularly alarming against the background when it follows the systematic public calls by certain politicians about change of the authority through the revolution;
  6. The attempt to invade the Central State Administration Body – Parliament and organization of the group violence shall be considered as the actions against the Constitutional order and public safety, which entail the direct threat as for the state and public, so for the safety of the citizens, evidenced with June 20-21, 2019 developments;
  7. Any action directed against the Constitutional order and posing threat to the state, public and civil safety, requires to be due responded and investigated by the state, pursuant to the universally recognized principles of the law and the Constitution and legislation of Georgia.
  8. In response to the violent actions and the attempts to invade the Parliament, the use of force by the police was legitimate;
  9. Possible facts when the police has used excessive force while eliminating the violent actions requires due response by the state;
  10. We hail the participation of the Public Defender in the investigation which facilitates to its transparency and reliability.

Providing all above-mentioned, the Parliament calls on all Governmental agencies to direct their efforts for investigation of June 20-21 developments in full and transparent manner:

  • To investigate the fact of attempt to invade the Parliament, related violence actions and detect the organizers and the participants;
  • To investigate the actions by the law-enforcement agencies, possible use of excessive force and to detect the respective persons.

Deriving from the state and public interests, the Parliament considers it necessary to timely accomplish the investigations and taking the results into account, make the political assessment of June 20-21 developments.