Archil Talakvadze: the Parliament is the venue for the debates, discussions and arguments, sometimes even confrontations for proper decision-making

05 Feb 2019
Archil Talakvadze: the Parliament is the venue for the debates, discussions and arguments, sometimes even confrontations for proper decision-making

The Majority Leader, Archil Talakvadze estimated the annual report of the Parliament: “First of all, it was a very interesting report covering all main directions and legal changes we have undertaken. Naturally, it includes the merit of the opposition as well and the opposition today in the parliament and in this Constitutional model is far effective. Today, the opposition holds higher capacity to express dissent and arguments on various changes, laws or reforms. In this regard, the qualitative novelty is the new Rules of Procedure eliminating all the concerns and questions of the opposition regarding the Parliamentary oversight and summon of the Government”.

He thanked the Speaker and other persons participating in the Constitutional reform.

Mr. Speaker, let me resume to this important reform led by you and thank all the parties participating in the Constitutional reform. Despite skepticism, the Constitution met all expectations. These are higher guarantees for municipalities, higher financing and independence for local authorities and regions”.

He touched upon the territorial integrity: “The Parliament made significant step when supporting the initiative of Ketevan Tsikhelashivli – “Step to Better Future”. It is the only way and approach for restoration of territorial integrity of our country and by sharing the economic and social benefits with our compatriots. It may serve the correct message to the residents of Abkhazia and Samachablo for peaceful development in line with the international principles, for restoration of territorial integrity of the country and bringing these people back to our civil strata”.

A. Talakvadze mentioned the part of the report on employment, agrarian program, economic capacity and petty business. “One of the important directions of the Parliament was our ability to support reduction of taxes and undertake due regulations on the initiative submitted by the Prime Minister. Reduced taxes for the petty and average business, simplification of administration – were crucial for that moment. Let me briefly state about the social initiatives that the clear example was the changes regarding the excessive debts and responsible crediting, which constituted a social and solidarity act. This is the decision our citizens expect form us. Discussions resulted in changes to the social aid model. We discussed restoration of agricultural support program and the opposition highly contributed in this process”.

Speaking about the new Rules of Procedure, he emphasized the novelties and underlined Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili Act and set up of the Fact Finding Commission. “The new Rules of Procedure revealed instant application of the new instruments: accountability of the Ministries; internal discipline. Mr. Speaker, I would like to respond to not only legal changes but the political debates we had regarding these political issues. The recent activity demonstrates that we have never evaded from discussing the hardest political issues, political debates and responsible decisions, for example Tatunashvili-Otkhozoria Act, expressed in set up of the Fact Finding Committee where we gave majority to the opposition. So, the Parliament is not only for the legislative activity but fully realizes responsibility on political issues we ever encountered. You, Mr. Speaker create the respective format and environment in the Parliament for due political debates. Sometimes, we are even in higher register and high temperature but we have never evaded these issues”.

In the end, Majority Leader touched upon the success achieved in terms of international cooperation.

After the Constitutional reform when we moved to the Parliamentary model, it is important for the Parliament to enhance strategic dialogue with the international partners. We shall manage to speak with the strategic partners as the leading Constitutional institution in the country and I would like to thank the Staff of the Departments highly contributing in this process. The Parliament is the venue for the discussions, arguments and sometimes even confrontations to make correct decisions. We have assumed responsibility and thus, we shall not abstain from the debates and arguments to make due decisions. I would like to thank my colleagues for participation”.