Givi Mikanadze introduced the new components of internship to the interns

09 Jan 2019
 Givi Mikanadze introduced the new components of internship to the interns

The Secretary General, Mr. Givi Mikanadze held the meeting with the interns selected on the basis of the competition called in the end of 2018.

“The start of the new year is successful for you as you already are the interns of the Parliament. You have been selected on the basis of the interviews and the competition amongst the high number of the applicants and you were selected as the best. Have my congratulations”.

Mr. Mikanadze spoke about the internship format and two new components.

“This format is completely updated. In fact, it is the first time when within the long-term internship we establish two important components: mentoring when you will have your certain mentor in the departments or the Committees for the remaining two weeks after the academic process who will be responsible for assessment of your activity; and the second component is assessment which is of utmost importance and is established in our practice for the first time. I hope that on June 29 according to the program, I will have the opportunity to deliver the internship certificate to you all”.

The new internship program is far complicated and targeted.

“According to the previous practice, all the interns were granted with the certificates. Now, we are to issue three categories of the certificates – A, B and C and it is up to you which certificate you will receive”.

During the 5-week academic program, the interns will get cognizant to the Parliamentary activity, its structural units and start internship. According to the previous program, no daily program was provided to the interns and the knowledge acquired during internship was of general nature.

“Now, we intend to make of you the specialists of the certain direction. During 6 months you will enrich your knowledge. We shall be oriented to quality and give you the respective knowledge and receive support and assistance from you as expected. In general, the process shall be mutually beneficial. We cherish the great expectations for your engagement in activity of the certain Committees and Departments”.