The presentation of the Training Center Development Strategy and Action Plan

14 Mar 2019
The presentation of the Training Center Development Strategy and Action Plan

This is the particular day for us. In terms of development of the Educational and Training Center, we turn the new page in history of Georgian Parliament and start moving to the progress we all – the Staff of the Parliament, namely the Training Center in cooperation with the partner, donor and friend organizations – actively were preparing for this very day”, - the Secretary General, Givi Mikanadze stated at the presentation.

NDI and the British Government express intact support to further enhancement of the Training Center of the Parliament. According to him, 1.5 years ago, the British Government rendered aid to the Parliament in initiating the project made the new scopes of the Training Center possible with its functions and activity.

“Every reform, every novelty and every step made to capacity building depends on the efficiency of the Training Center; the Center plays the key role in these processes. That’s why, from the very first day we particularly focused on development of the Training Center and today, we enjoy the first outcomes we are proud of, though the document represented today allows us outlining ambitious plans”.

The Vice Speaker, Ilia Nakashidze also addressed the attendees: “I would like to congratulate you with the 100th anniversary of Georgian Parliamentarism. The Training Center in the Parliament was established in 1996 and initially, it was the part of the IT Department and was limited with the basic computer courses. Today, it is the Division for Personnel training and professional development at the Human Resources Department. Since 2005, the Center is being enhanced with UNDP support with the key functions: professional development according to the needs, organization of the training programs, control, coordination and assessment, organizational provision of internship and practice. The target groups are divers and I, MP also enjoy their support and aid. In 2017, the Parliament launched the NDI and British Government program “Enhancement of Inclusive and Accountable Governmental Institutions in Georgia”, ensuring capacity building of the Center. I would like to wish good luck to the Center”.

The 2-year Action Plan provides quarterly strategic targets and measures and terms for achievement thereof, structural units of the Staff and the success indices.

After the presentation, I. Nakashidze, G. Mikanadze, NDI Director, Laura Thornton and the Deputy Head of Mission of British Embassy, Alexandra Cole delivered the certificates to the alumni of the trainers’ development program.