From internship to team membership

13 Jan 2020
From internship to team membership

The Secretary General, Mr. Givi Mikanadzecongratulated the interns with the accomplishment of the 6-month internship and delivered certificates to 13 interns, two of which – the most successful interns will stay in the Parliament as the staffer.

The 6-month internship program comprised the basic 5-week education course, intermediate tests, practical activity in the Parliament, evaluations by the mentors, development of the project and final tests. Respective certificates have been issued.

Most of the interns received the A Category certificate. As Mr. Mikanadze noted, it confirms that each of the interns, similar to the staffers, was fully engaged in the Parliamentary activity assuming high responsibility.

He dwelt on the distance internship program envisaging the second flow of interns as of February 10 for a distant internship in the Human Resources and Institutional Development Department and in the International Relations Department. The Head of the Training Center, Tamar Omiadze congratulated the interns with the successful accomplishment of the program and welcomed the new applicants.