Archil Talakvadze: the Parliament stays in active regime and along with the Government will serve the guarantee for uninterrupted operation of the state functions

18 Nov 2019
Archil Talakvadze: the Parliament stays in active regime and along with the Government will serve the guarantee for uninterrupted operation of the state functions

The Parliament stays in active regime and along with the Government will serve the guarantee for uninterrupted operation of the state functions, - the Speaker, Archil Talavkadze stated at the Bureau.

“Elections in 2020 will be held in a democratic, competitive and free environment according to the model and in consistency currently provided under the Constitution. I offer to the opposition consideration of the issues within the Parliamentary debates and I offer continuation of development of the election law pursuant to the OSCE recommendations”, - he noted.

The Speaker responded to the developments at the Parliament Palace stating that despite the bill on proportional elections has failed last week envisaging proportional system for the Parliamentary 2020, the Constitution as a result of the reform, still provides the proportional system for 2024. The Georgian citizens enjoy the right of peaceful manifest and rally and this right will be strictly adhered in the future. Unfortunately, the part of the opposition misled the supporters again, used them for their political interests and thus, went beyond the peaceful protest.

“I mean the blockade of the Parliament and the state institutions and the activities implemented by the radical part of the opposition in this view. It goes beyond the Constitution and the law, as well as the right on peaceful rally and manifestation. Last night, I have conversed with the opposition leaders appealing them to remain within the law and Constitution. I offered them to bring the political process back to the Parliament”, - the Speaker stated. As he noted, the strategic partners – the US Embassy and the EU Representation – also called on the parties for adherence to the law and Constitution.

The Speaker elucidated that blocking the state institutions means blocking the state functions vital for Georgian citizens on daily-basis.

„Blocking the state institutions and the state functions go beyond the peaceful manifestation”. He responded to locking of the Parliamentary gates by the opposition, returned the cut-off lock to the opponents stating that it is the symbol of their approaches and values towards the citizens and the state: “the Parliamentary opposition, its radical part have locked the Parliamentary gates in live broadcast. I would like to remind the society about these people – they are the people who have locked the human rights, media, private property, institutions and freedom of the country. They sell all it as democracy and use the monopolized media to convince the society that it was the greatest success. They still tried today to lock the Parliament. So, I would like to deliver them this cut-off lock beck which is the symbol of their approach to the citizens, state and values. They shall keep this lock and the chain to remember that they have lost their opportunity to lock the human rights, state, property, media, institutions and the Parliament”. The Speaker thanked the Police and Interior Ministry: “with minimal interference, the law-enforcement agencies have managed to demonstrate the responsibility of the state. If they have the arguments, if they can convince the wider society and not only their supporters protesting today, they need to use the Parliamentary formats and policy in the Parliament. I also offer to continue development of the election law according to the OSCE recommendations as together with our partners, civil society and political parties we consider the issues crucial for Elections 2020. I – the Speaker of the Parliament – offer the opposition to take advantage of this opportunity and be engaged in normal political process to let the Parliament approve the reform according to the OSCE recommendations“.

The Chair of the Faction “Georgian Dream”, Mamuka Mdinaradze responded to illegal detention of Georgian doctor Vazha Gaprindashvili by the occupation regime and stated that the Government does its best to achieve release of this person.

He noted that he personally is acquainted with V. Gaprindashvili knowing him a hero and a model for our children. He also responded to the ongoing developments expressing gratitude to the police: “I would like to express my gratitude to the police and it is paramount that they manifested tolerance and professionalism, they protected health of all these people and their rights and hence, they do deserve our respect”.

He also stressed the responsible approach of the citizens who obeyed to the police and abstained from accelerating escalation. As to the election changes, the opposition offers the dead-lock.

“They deliberately and provocatively raised the requirement when there was not a single theoretical chance for it. For instance, they urge that 150 are equal to 75 – I mean the German model. They try to prove that German model complies with the record of the Constitution and as if we all this time had the opportunity to apply the German model in Georgia without knowing it. I do not believe it is right to deceive the citizens who sincerely protest the Parliamentary decision on Rustaveli Avenue”.

According to him, the people shall know the truth that “two wings of the National Movement compete in radicalization. In fact, one wing is the group of Bokeria and another of Saakashvili and their internal turmoil shall not damage the country, which is quite evident according to their requirements leading us to the dead-lock”. Today, they were extremely upset of accomplishment of the unrest without aggravations. “They hoped for the aggravations but fortunately none of the citizens have been injured. We shall be responsible towards every citizen and shall take care of their health, their sincere protest and consider that it is our duty. We shall never compare our actions to the people now protesting in front of the Parliament while it was time, when they have been in panic leaving the country. And if we speak of the Constitution, no one during the last decades has been able to change the Constitution and reflect the proportional system. And when the initial version provided the proportional elections in 2020, they opposed and boycotted this version – these were the people who now stand in protest that the bill failed”.

The Deputy Chair of the Health Care and Social Issues Committee, Dimitri Khundadze estimated the developments: “I am concerned about the developments in front of the Parliament and we assume responsibility for it. But responsibility shall be also imposed to the people who are well known for the society. They stand in the front line during every crisis and destructions. We, the Single Mandate MPs made a difficult decision when did not approved the bill but I believe that we dropped the bill to trigger the long-term instability of the country. The Parliament shall be composed by the people instead of irresponsible parties. We, the Single Mandate MPs will always adhere to the direct electoral rules and interests and call on everyone to act only deriving from the state interests”. He recommended the opposition to get prepared and deserve support of the citizens. “They are never restricted or blocked especially in the manner as they tried to block the Parliament today”, - he noted.

He thanked the police and responded to illegal detention of Georgian doctor by the occupation regime: “doctors have no borders, they without the political ideology, religion or ethnos serve for the patients. Restriction of their rights means gross violation of rights of the patients. I hope, Vazha Gaprindashvili who is my colleague, will soon be back to his profession”. The Majority Leader, Giorgi Volski estimated the developments and stressed three aspects for the society to recall: “first is the symbol of the National Movement which would succeed if not the attitude of the society towards these symbols – these are the barrels not brought out in the street but found in the torture rooms, it is also the man with crutch expressing violence. And this is why, name of Bidzina Ivanishvili is so hated for these people as they have been defeated by him”. The second aspect he emphasized is disinformation that the special operation has been held to ensure the sitting of the Bureau in the Parliament but media omitted the fact that there is the agenda aimed to change the condition of the pedagogues, policemen and the people serving to the state.

“The people are immensely misled by the opposition hoping that ignorance will exceed over literacy and experience. So, they are wrong”. He noted that the Majority encountered the serious test due to the dissent: “no matter what they speak that the Party leader conditions everything and his one call is enough for all to unify around one idea, they are wrong. I know Bidzina Ivanishvili and he has never intended to push his sole decision to the agenda. Hence, we have demonstrated the greatest political efforts when we - with different position – decided to maintain unity. We told each other that it would be a blow to the state if the Majority dissolved and it would be the joy for the people aspiring for destabilization”.

After the statements, the Bureau discussed the November 26-29 plenary agenda including up to 130 issues. As noted, there are new legislative initiatives, including on land right registration. “The bill on Improvement of the System and Sporadic Special Rules and Cadastral Data of the Rights on the Land Plots within the State Project” is the bill submitted for accelerated consideration. The agenda also includes the bill on State Property and the BPI AE Credit Line Agreement between Georgia and Societe Generale. MPs will also consider the applications of the Members of Parliament about resignation.

“Our friends, our colleagues who made the decision to leave the party, deserve our respect. They have highly contributed for years in all the directions. We are deplored about their secession from Majority. However, I am hopeful to enjoy their support to the progressive initiatives in the Parliament”, - the Speaker stated. He addressed the Majority Leader to hold the internal political consultations within the team to nominate other candidates to the vacant positions.