The sitting of the Bureau

10 Jan 2020
The sitting of the Bureau

The Parliament is to appeal for the extraordinary plenary session to the President of Georgia on January 17 as today declared at the Bureau by the Speaker, Archil Talakvadze.

We get ready for the spring session and on January 17 we intend to convene the extraordinary session on the basis of the appeal to the President”, - he noted.

The Bureau discussed the new legislative initiatives and assigned the leading and mandatory Committees. The Speaker introduced the draft Bureau decision on commencement of the re-election of the member of the Prosecutor’s Council and extension of respective terms.

As you know, we have selected one out of two candidates of the Prosecutor’s Council. The second candidate refused to run for elections. Hence, inasmuch as the spring session has not started yet, the Bureau is to make the decision to extend the terms and call the competition after the Bureau sitting”, - the Speaker stated.

He also introduced nomination of the High Council of Justice on candidates for 6 vacant positions of the Supreme Court Judges.

The nomination has been delegated to the Legal Issues Committee.