The sitting of the Bureau

16 Sep 2019
The sitting of the Bureau

The Bureau, presided by the Speaker Archil Talakvadze, discussed September 17-20 plenary agenda.

MPs are to consider up to 100 issues within this week, and will hear the State Minister for Reconciliation, Ketevan Tsikhelashvili for the first time within the Ministerial Hour.

According to the Speaker: “The sitting is to be very interesting as we have important issues accumulated in the agenda, and besides, we are to hear Mme. Tsikhelashvili”.

The agenda also includes the hearing of the report by the Public Defender.

The Speaker responded to election of Irakli Beraia as the Chair of the Interim Commission on Territorial Integrity stating that it is the greatest responsibility. “I hope that Mr. Beraia will ensure constructive activity of the Commission and ensure consensus between the opposition and the ruling party on the common national matters. I also hope the Commission will make proper decisions. I wish good luck to Mr. Beraia”.

The Bureau made the decision on the new legislative initiatives and discussed the organizational issues. On the basis of the appeal by the Committees, the Bureau opted to extend consideration term on certain bills.

The Bureau heard the information by the Chair of the Regional Policy and Self-Government Committee, Zaza Gabunia about the recommendations by the working group on Decentralization Strategy Project (2019-2025) developed as a result of 6-month activity. “It is a very important reform, especially providing that under the proportional electoral system, we allow the municipalities to further develop and effectively meet the challenges”, - Z. Gabunia noted.

He thanked all international organizations and partners for engagement in the process.

After the Bureau, the document is to be submitted to the Government for further procedures.

The Speaker thanked the colleagues for their activity: “It is very important, especially in the angle when we are up to establish the proportional electoral system. Naturally, it qualitatively increases the role of the municipalities and expectations about their efficiency. Correspondingly, this process, reform and this strategic plan are in contextual connection with the second reform”.

MPs expressed dissent about the draft resolution by Otar Kakhidze, introduced by European Georgia and concerning promotion of occupation of Georgian territories in international agenda.

The opposition requires withdrawal of the occupation forces from Georgia and fulfillment of cease-fire agreement achieved by virtue of the EU in 2008. These requirements are to be enrolled in the sanctions imposed by the EU and the USA to Russian Federation. Yet another request is to enroll Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili Act in the personal sanctions and to impose the sanctions to every company holding economic activity on occupied territories and leasing the houses deprived from the victims of ethnic cleansing.

According to the Chair of the EU Integration Committee, Tamar Khulordava, the Committee discussed and made the decision and it is bizarre to consider it at the Bureau.

The Chair of the Faction “Georgian Dream”, Mamuka Mdinaradze stated that the opposition speculates with occupation to gain political points. “It is inadmissible to speculate with the paramount problem of the country – occupation, security, negligence of the risks and it is inadmissible to gain political points at any price no matter how it confronts with the national interests”, - he declared.

According to the Speaker, any initiative manifesting aggressive pseudo-patriotism will be rejected by the ruling party. “Aggressive pseudo-patriotism cannot ensure integration of our country and any initiative manifesting aggressive pseudo-patriotism will be rejected by the ruling party. You cannot arrange your agenda at the expenses of our population”, – the Speaker responded to the draft resolution by European Georgia. He also answered the statements by Otar Kakhidze.

The Majority Leader Giorgi Volski spoke about the majority position.

As the Speaker believes: “The approach of the European Georgia and its perception of “constructive cooperation” are not logical. As you state, if you did really want to achieve the consensus, what was the impediment for you preventing you from consultations? It would be preferable to first speak about it and then initiate. You did it in a wrong way. If you want constructive cooperation, we have a special Commission for this purpose”.

The Speaker reminded his opposition colleague that when the parliament was holding the negotiations on Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili Act, the decision and the resolution were made. He noted that main responsibility for foreign policy, state administration and de-occupation strategy is imposed on the ruling party and the Government and the opposition cannot define the political directions.

If you want assist us in important matters, we always hail you but you just cannot define the foreign policy and de-occupation strategy, as well as other political directions instead of the Government. We shall estimate every aspect according to the outcomes: we have lost more than 200 villages due to Russian aggression in preceding years, we have lost our soldiers and citizens, we have economy damaged and increased number of IDPs. Since, Russia keeps pressure. However, after 2012 we managed to ensure peace and development, to conduct responsible and pragmatic foreign policy. In cooperation with our partners, we try to maintain peace and security, to enhance our economy, democracy and institutions. Our citizens ordered us to ensure peace and peaceful unification of the country. We cannot be impeded by the provocations and we will never make unreasonable steps that may entail our citizens pay the grave price. The country cannot be developed with aggressive pseudo-patriotism and any initiative manifesting it, will be rejected by the ruling party. If you believe that thus territorial integrity can be restored, include it in your electoral program for 2020 and try to gain support of the population”, - the Speaker noted.

The next Bureau will be held on September 17 before the plenary session.