The sitting of the Bureau

23 Oct 2019
The sitting of the Bureau

The Bureau defined the October 29-November 1 plenary agenda at the sitting presided by the Speaker, Archil Talakvadze.

The agenda, as decided, was supplemented with the bill on Culture; and the bill on Set-up of the LEPL Technological Institution.

The Bureau discussed the new legislative initiatives and the organizational issues and assigned the leading and mandatory Committees. The Parliament is to discuss the Agreement between Georgia and the United Kingdom on Strategic Partnership and Cooperation.

On October 21, the Agreement between Georgia and the United Kingdom on Strategic Partnership and Cooperation was signed – the document of utmost importance. Georgia is the first country in Eastern Europe concluding similar Agreement.

Now, the Agreement needs to be ratified to, when the Great Britain exits the EU as for October 31, enact the Agreement and we will enjoy the same conditions as within the EUAA and DCFTA. The Great Britain gives the positive response and values the steps we make as we have effectively and timely managed to sign the Agreement. Now, it is up to the Parliament and the Committees to discuss the Agreement and ratify within the short period”, - the Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Sophio Katsarava noted.

The Bureau decided on extension of the consideration term of certain issues, including the legislative initiative by Giorgi Tsereteli and Sergi Kapanadze on extension of consideration term with 30 days for the draft Resolution on Undue Fulfillment of the Resolution adopted by the Parliament on March 21, 2018 on Gross Human Rights Violation by Russian Federation in Occupied Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region, and on Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili Act.

It is very sensitive for us as it lies through the interests of our country we attach particular attention to. We have not communicated with the initiators since initiation of the issue for preliminary consultations. Besides, the Interim Commission on Restoration of Territorial Integrity and De-occupation holds intensive work on this issue. The Parliament also held the meeting with the Foreign Minister this week and hence, this issue is in the spotlight. We see to and discuss it and expect the Commission to reconcile the positions and if the initiators express the will, we may hold the preliminary consultations for consideration of the issue within the respective term”, - the Chair of the Legal Issues Committee, Anri Okhanashvili noted.

I hail the intensive activity of the Parliament in this direction. De-occupation and territorial integrity are amongst 10 main challenges submitted for the autumn session and naturally, we have full support for timely coverage of the tasks”, - the Speaker stated.

He thanked his colleagues for timely adoption of the Act in the US Congress. “I would like to express particular gratitude to our colleagues in the US Congress for timely adoption of the Act. It is a very strong political support for our country and the strategic issues in direct connection with our national interests are the territorial integrity, economic development, EU and NATO integration, security and cooperation we enjoy with our primary strategic partner. These issues are in details provided in the supportive act. I believe, this decision manifests the high level of Georgia-USA cooperation”, - the Speaker noted.

He thanked the First Vice-Speaker Tamar Chugoshvili and the foreign team of the Parliament for their successful mission in the House of Representatives. “I would like to thank the First Vice-Speaker Tamar Chugoshvili and the foreign team of the Parliament for the fact that this decision is the result of the bilateral and high level meetings in the US Congress. It took more than a year for the Parliamentary team to develop this Act and I hail the strong Parliamentary support by the US Congress”, - he stated.