The sitting of the Faction “National Movement”

06 Sep 2019
The sitting of the Faction “National Movement”

Today, the Faction convened the sitting in the plenary hall to consider the vote of confidence to the Government.

According to the Chair of the Faction, Roman Gotsiridze, the Faction has scrutinized the documents submitted by the candidates for the Ministers and in view to save time, the Faction made the decision to directly resume with the questions. “Only after the Faction covers all the questions, and the Faction members express their positions, the Government will be given the floor to answer”, - R. Gotsiridze declared.

In capacity of the first question, they submitted the video footage reflecting June 20-21 developments and the questions by the NM members were concerning these very developments, ongoing political processes, the sentences against Nika Melia and Irakli Okruashvili, criminal case against Nika Gvaramia and TV Rustavi2, TBC Bank case, election of the Supreme Court judges etc.

However, after the PM candidate, Giorgi Gakharia appeared at the podium, he had not a single chance to answer the questions as pursuant to the opposition MPs, they see no sense to keep on the meeting while Georgian citizens willing to attend are not admitted to the Parliament.

As G. Gakharia assessed: “The developments here manifest how lie wins over the truth. I remember June 20 night clearly and these people were here, barricaded in this hall waiting for the people outside to storm the Parliament. Besides, we shall as well remember that these are the very people here, who for hours have been counting the number of the victims and the number of the injured to use it for achievement of their own political interests. They shall be deprived of this opportunity and this is set as our primary task dear colleagues”.