title The Georgian Dream 18 Sep 2019

The meeting of the Faction “Georgian Dream” with the PACE Monitoring Committee...

title Parliamentary Majority 12 Sep 2019

Meeting of Members of Parliamentary Majority with the NATO PA President

title Parliamentary Majority 07 Sep 2019

Sitting of Factions Constituting Parliamentary Majority

title The Georgian Dream 24 May 2019

Mamuka Mdinaradze: the interns of the Parliament bear the greatest potential to...

title News 03 May 2019

The Parliament hosted the World Press Freedom Day exhibition

title News 23 Aril 2019

The Parliament joins the campaign “Give the Book Away”

title Parliamentary Majority 07 Jan 2019

The Majority MPs’ season’s greetings to the conflict zone population

title The Georgian Dream 07 Nov 2018

The meeting of the Faction “Georgian Dream” with PACE Monitoring Committee...

title The Georgian Dream 24 Jul 2018

The Faction “Georgian Dream” informing Andrejs Mamikins about the progress...

title Chairman 24 Jun 2018

The final meeting of the Students’ Congress in the Parliament