The Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee to launch the wide-scale public awareness campaign in the regions on the Code of the Rights of the Child

07 Oct 2019
The Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee to launch the wide-scale public awareness campaign in the regions on the Code of the Rights of the Child

The opening ceremony of the regional public awareness campaign started with the presentation of 10 programs.

The Speaker,Archil Talakvadze delivered the welcome remarks: “We have recently introduced 10 main directions, 10 challenges the Parliament needs to respond at the autumn session and the rights of the child were one of them. We recognize it as a priority and believe that in this direction, the Parliament is capable to create better legislative frame for better outcomes”, - he noted.

The Code is the achievement in legislative terms as it creates the qualitatively new guarantees for protection of best interests of the children.

The environment the children are grown up, the education they obtain, support they enjoy from us in development and their protection from poverty, violence and discrimination – all these aspects condition their formation into the citizens, who are to build the society of tomorrow. Thus, it is urgent and to be ensured by us”.

The Speaker hailed the initiative of the Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee concerning engagement of the rural population as it is important for definition of the novelty of the Code, its practical instruments and programs for the municipalities.

The Speaker thanked the Chair of the Committee, Sofo Kiladze and all parties engaged for the interesting initiative.

The Parliament keeps solution of 10 challenges and will soon introduce the remedies to respond to these challenges. S. Kiladze introduced the programs and services envisaged within the Code. “Today, we start the wide-scale campaign. We will visit the regions to ask the local residents about their preferences in programs. The people in the municipalities shall be the decision-makers about the consumption of the budget and donor donations for better protection of their children”, - she noted.

The UNICEF Representative to Georgia, Ghassan Khalil gives the positive assessment to the document: “I would like to congratulate adoption of the Code. IT was an inclusive and co-participative process with the greatest merit of Sofo Kiladze and two Speakers of the Parliament. Backed by the UN and UN member states, as well as the USA, we achieved development of the Code on the Rights of the Child in Georgia to have the immense impact on lives of the children”, - he stated.

The EU Ambassador, Carl Hartzell also stressed importance of the Code: “The Code will become a very important instrument for protection of the rights of the children. It is in full compliance with the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and is based on the same values as the EU. Georgia has made a fundamental choice to invest in development of future generations”.

S. Kiladze, in the tours in the regions, will introduce the programs envisaged within the Code.

The tour starts in Adjara and ends with the final meeting in Tbilisi. The Code becomes effective on June 1, 2020. Meanwhile, various state agencies and municipalities are to establish the programs.

The Parliamentary Council is assigned to monitor enforcement of the Code.