Sopho Kiladze – I am appalled with the recent developments when the Orthodox sanctities have been expressed in undue manner

24 Aril 2018
Sopho Kiladze – I am appalled with the recent developments when the Orthodox sanctities have been expressed in undue manner

At the sitting of the Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee, MPs considered the draft by Emzar Kvitsiani on Criminal Code aiming at protection of the religions in the country from insult.

Insult of the religions feelings is to be subject to punishment through the fine or detention. The religions feelings of people in Georgia are often insulted.

Expression of the orthodox sanctities, softly speaking, is being made in undue form recently. It triggered revolt and I share this position and join them. At the same time, we are proud that for centuries, Georgia was the model of tolerance, respect and love, including towards various confessions. Various religions co-existed in love and respect as history reveals”, - Sopho Kiladze stated.

This issue shall be regulated to prevent abuse of religious feelings. According to Anri Okhanashvili, he agrees with the draft on principal level, though offers the in-depth study and consultations.

The Committee considered the Bill on General Education aiming at higher independence of the School Supervisory Service to ensure safe and security milieu in schools, to create the information exchange and coordination leverage between the Ministry of Education, Supervisory Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs and to eliminate legal gaps.

According to the Deputy Interior Minister, Natia Mezvrishvili, the Supervisory Service shall assume the function to ensure public order, as well as to ensure security. At that, the supervisors shall: render mental service for the children with mental problems, with bad behavior and emotional disorder, as well as for the students, their parents and pedagogues, also shall participate in planning anti-violence and anti-bulling campaigns etc. “The crucial change serving for protection of the children envisages installment of the surveillance cams in school interior and exteriors, as well as increased coordination between the Ministries allowing the MIA preventing the expected conflicts between the children. The supervisors will bear higher responsibility and their appointment rules are to be changed – they are appointed by Supervisory Service instead of the School master”.

The law ensures balance between security and interests of the children. “All the authorities of the supervisory service – contactless or superficial inspection, suspension of the children if they are under threat – in all these processes the representative of the school, as well as the parent or the legal representative of the child shall take part”, - she noted.

The Committee supported the Bill.

The Deputy Minister also introduced the Bill on Criminal Code defining the regulations to effectively ensure prevention of crime, to increase quality of cooperation of the citizens and effective justice. Lack of culture to cooperate with law-enforcement agencies and low civil consciousness require public awareness and strict regulations for misleading information, false testament etc.

Stricter sanctions will increase the guarantees of effective implementation of the law requirements by the citizens.

According to S. Kiladze, she supports the Bill. “People shall have the preventive fear that in case if they fail to notify about the crime, they will as well be subject to punishment, though the balance shall be ensured between covering and non-notification”.

The Committee supported the Bill.