The Chair of the Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee, Roman Kakulia speaking about the economic priorities of the country

05 Feb 2019
The Chair of the Sector Economy and Economic Policy Committee, Roman Kakulia speaking about the economic priorities of the country

Roman Kakulia in his speech underlined importance of this day. “It is the first day of the spring session and today, we witnessed an important event giving the qualitatively new trigger to the accountability of the Parliament to the society. In this regards, the report of the Speaker is very important. The most important word for today characterizing our challenges is “adequacy” towards the needs of the society. The speech of the Speaker manifested it in this context”.

He responded to the Speaker’s report: “I highly value that poverty according to the speech is one of the acutest problems. The speech clearly revealed it and let me introduce our plans in the Committee to address this aspect. Clearly, the key task of our economic development is to ensure the long-term and irreversible stable development with wide engagement of the society, especially that we do not want Georgian population to be reduced. We shall not leave it up to the market but we shall eradicate poverty”.

It is hard against the market economy. “We counter poverty in two main directions: further facilitation to the existing business; and creation of new businesses on the basis of the investments. We want to facilitate to participation of own employees in attraction of investments. In this regards, there were clear messages made. Yet another acute challenge is the new actors in business sector. I would like to underline the initiative – Credit-Guarantee Fund by the Economic Ministry. We will try to specify this mechanism to increase the number of the people capable to enact initiatives and become the business actors for them in their burden – loans”.

R. Kakulia spoke about competition and job opportunities. “As to new job opportunities, we envisage competition as one of the challenges and hence, one of the laws we will consider is on competition to create a healthy competition milieu in the country to balance the drastic challenges we encounter due to foreign factors. Foreign factors stand as one of the challenges for us but I do not mean economic state with our neighbors solely. I mean the foreign challenges in general which imped us in long-term irreversible formation of milieu for potential investors. So, we shall balance this background by enactment of business environment towards the countries we enter in competition with”.

R. Kakulia emphasized the directions accented in the Speaker’s speech: “As to the vulnerable social strata, we shall ensure reasonable state support and their engagement in business environment. We shall facilitate their business activity. These are two directions we heard in the speech by Mr. Speaker and the Committee will try to make practical steps in these directions”.