Beka Odisharia and Givi Chichinadze participating in the Presentation of Foundation “Diaspora Alliance for Georgia”

09 Jan 2020
Beka Odisharia and Givi Chichinadze participating in the Presentation of Foundation “Diaspora Alliance for Georgia”

The Chair of the Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committee, Beka Odisharia and the First Deputy, Givi Chichinadze attended the Presentation of Foundation “Diaspora Alliance for Georgia” in Tbilisi City Assembly.

As noted, at the beginning of the XXI century, when more than 0.5 million Georgians have left the country, it is paramount to establish the Diaspora Foundation to facilitate cooperation of Georgian Diasporas abroad and to intensify participation of the state in these relations.

It is essential to establish the Diaspora Foundation as it creates new prospects and expectations for cooperation between the immigrants and the state. The Foundation aims at the unification of diaspora organizations and the financial back-up of diaspora projects. It gives the priority nature to the state support for the Foundation. The recent meetings held with Georgian immigrants in Italy and the USA have reassured me of the urgent necessity of coordination of diaspora organizations worldwide. The average diaspora members and the pedagogues of the Sunday Schools striving for years to maintain Georgian language, national traditions and identity abroad based on pure enthusiasm solely and giving their love to Georgian youth abroad need to be particularly supported. Love to the homeland for them serves as the main motivation and I would like this diaspora charge to be maintained in our activity. The Committee is aspired to support the Foundation and other diaspora organizations in their projects and initiatives facilitating enhancement of the links with Georgian immigrants, consolidation of diaspora organizations, international relations, use of diaspora potential in scientific, educational, cultural, economic and investment activities and increase of role of diaspora in maintenance of self-identity in Georgians abroad”, - B. Odisharia noted.

He wished good luck to the organization and addressed Georgian immigrants with the words by the Patriarch of Georgia, Ilia II from his Christmas Epistle for 2020: “Dear Lord, let our compatriots abroad have a peaceful return to the homeland and let those who stay in a foreign country strive to glorify the Lord and for the welfare of the motherland”.

The founder and the Director of the Foundation is a successful Georgian citizen residing abroad, Tika Svanidze-Vancko and her activity abroad is successful in business making, attraction of diaspora investments and intensification of cultural and educational directions.

She overviewed the diaspora projects implemented so far: “analyzing our activity revealed to me the necessity of establishment of the Foundation, without which the successful diaspora activity would be impossible”, - she noted.

The presentation was attended by the First Vice-Speaker, Giorgi Volski, MPs Endzela Matchavariani and Teimuraz Chkuaseli, as well as the representatives of Abkhazia AR Government, Georgian Government, Patriarchate, City Assembly, Rustaveli National Scientific Fund, diaspora organizations, scientific and business circles.

The participants hoped the Foundation will become the best model for strong and unified diaspora organizations ensuring promotion of Georgia abroad.