The Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committee heard the information about the activity by the Circassian Culture Center

14 Mar 2019
The Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committee heard the information about the activity by the Circassian Culture Center

The Committee heard the information about CCC activity introduced by the Director of the Center, Professor Merab Chukhua.

He congratulated the Committee and the Circassian guests with March 14 – Circussian Culture Day. “167 years ago, on March 14 the first book “History of Circassia” was published in Tbilisi. Our relations with Circassians was intensive in the XIX century and is intensive now”, - he stated.

He also introduced the new publication “Circassian-Adyghe Culture Center – 2012-2018” providing all the books, activities sand future plans of the Center.

The representative of the Center, Mariam Bezhitashvili made the presentation of the publication reflecting the activity report of the Center for 2012-2018.

The report concludes the comprehensive information about the activity of the Center. M. Chukhua spoke about the plans of the Center and speaking about the long-term perspective, he noted that the ground shall be prepared for the time when Georgia holds higher capacity to widely develop economic and cultural links with Circassians as in Caucasus so in up to 50 countries worldwide.

We want to show the international society that Georgia as the state knows Caucasus as the natural ally in the cultural dialogue and at the same time, can hold better relations timelier than any other country, which means that Georgia is the regional leader”.

He emphasized the ways to achieve the goal noting that it is important to enhance the positive reputation and image of Georgia at the international theatre. Demonstration of Georgia for Circassians as a friend and relative nation caring about development of Georgia-Circassia relations is paramount.

Thus, Georgia becomes the international lobbyist of Georgian and Circassian culture propaganda and promotion in the region and Europe”.

He spoke about importance of state support to science, research and culture and stressed importance of the program allowing Caucasian students obtain education in Georgia and assist the country to, within the special selection, select the students to finance.

According to him, maintenance of the status of the Center was positively resolved by engagement of the Prime Minister.

He emphasized importance of public diplomacy.

The Center actively cooperates with the North Caucasian colleagues, public figures, NGOs and Diasporas to promote Georgian culture and approximation of Georgian and Caucasian people.

The reporter thanked the Chair of the Committee, Zviad Kvachantiradze for active support and cooperation. The Committee hailed the information about maintenance by the Center of the status of LEPL and to remain under the Education Ministry.

The Center needs the capacity building, the Committee stated and its role shall be increased in terms of relations with the North Caucasian people. “The purpose of the Center is vital for the strategic interests of our country and for the friendly policy and attitude to our neighbors and friend nations. The decision of the Government and the Prime Minister is to be hailed as they shared the recommendations and made the only correct decision to maintain the status of the LEPL for the Center”, - Z. Kvachantiradze stated.

He congratulated the member of the Scientific-Advisory Council at the Committee, Professor Tsira Baramidze with election on the position of the Director of the Institute of Caucasian Studies.