Tamar Khulordava assessing the EP Resolution on Political Relations with Russia

13 Mar 2019
Tamar Khulordava assessing the EP Resolution on Political Relations with Russia

The Chair of the EU Integration Committee assessed the Resolution of March 12 by the European Parliament on Political Relations with Russia and stated that the EP was clear in expressing its position towards Russia urging that the relations shall be revised with Russia as Russia keeps the aggression towards the European countries and grossly violates the international order.

EP considers violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the EU partner states, including Georgia as unacceptable, as well as occupation of our territories. On this basis, the MEPs state it inadmissible to keep the same cooperation regime with Russia as it can no longer be the strategic partner to EU”, - she stated.

EP calls on Russia to stop occupation of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia and withdraw the armed forces from Georgia.

The Resolution condemns gross violation of human rights by Russia on the occupied territories.

Today, when yet another Georgian citizen died on the occupied territory in a vogue situation – Irakli Kvaratskhelia – such Resolutions are of particular importance. Full responsibility for violation of human rights is imposed on the occupation regime as the effective controlling force on the occupied territories. The offenders shall be punished with full legal force and I hope for support of our partners. The EP Resolution includes the record concerning the sanctions towards certain persons. The member states and other EU institutions shall act in line with the EP Resolution”.

Illegal interference of Russia in domestic affairs of various countries, attempts to affect the elections in EU member states, Russian propaganda and disinformation and gross violation of human rights by Russia condition tension of EU-Russia relations.

The Latvian MEP, Sandra Kalniete has developed the Resolution of March 12, 2019 on Political Relations with Russia which echoes the EP Resolution of June 14, 2018 on Occupied Territories of Georgia in 10 Years after the Russian Attack.

MEPs stress that the relations with Russia shall be revised as Russian Government does not share responsibility on common interests.

The Resolution provides that sanctions shall become stricter.