Kakha Kuchava considering the new Rules of Procedure to ensure higher engagement of MPs

05 Feb 2019
Kakha Kuchava considering the new Rules of Procedure to ensure higher engagement of MPs

The Chair of the Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee, Kakha Kuchava emphasized the novelties under the new Rules of Procedure and hoped that they will make the Committees and the Parliament even more productive.

I hail that the Rules of Procedure envisages the novelty that all Committees shall have the strategy and action plan. When in 2016 the Parliament was elected, one of the issues we started development backed by UNDP program, was the long-term strategy and the action plan. It was novelty that the action plan envisaged EUAA obligations, sustainable development goals related to this certain plan. At the same time, we have established the practice of thematic distribution of responsibility to the MPs. After 2 years this method proved to be effective”.

The new method allows initial definition of MPs for the legal initiatives. “So, I hail provision of this aspect in the Rules of Procedure as I believe that this approach will ensure higher quality of engagement of MPs”.

In oversight part, the Committee introduced novelties which are reflected in the Rules of Procedure (RoP): “I am glad to see it mandatory for the Committees – I mean the thematic inquiries. Our Committee in 2018 started the thematic inquiry on ambient air in Tbilisi and this process started in pilot regime is quite successful today. We have the final stage remaining where the state agencies are to answer the questions in the Parliament. This process is very important as it underlines open governance principles and allows the society participating in these processes. So, it is one of the crucial novelties in the Parliamentary and Committee oversight activity this year”.

The third issue of the RoP is the intention of the Committee to oversee enforcement of the normative acts. It will allow MPs undertaking post oversight on adopted laws.

I believe that the certain accents in the Speaker’s speech will further enhance the Parliament and the Committees and I believe that next year when we deliver a new report, it will be far interesting in this regards”.