Statement OF MR. Tedo Japaridze, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations, on achievement of the agreement concerning the nuclear program of Iran

28 Jul 2015

I welcome the signing of the agreement between the E3/EU+3 group and Iran on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of action (JCPOA) on 14 July, 2015, which has been achieved through successful negotiations concerning the nuclear program of Iran. This event marked an important step towards attainment of world peace and international stability.

The agreement, reached as the result of a long and elaborate process of talks on Iran’s nuclear program, is truly a historic event observed intensively by the whole world, including Georgia. Iran is a special country for Georgia, not only owing to its geographic location, but to deep historical ties between our countries.

The West, and especially the United States of America, is our strategic partner whose support in the process of the democratization of our country can hardly be overrated.

This is a huge success for the parties involved in the process, and especially Iran, which undertakes a significant curbing of its nuclear program in the framework of a comprehensive plan of common activities, thus leading to the lifting of sanctions imposed by the USA, EU and UN. The agreement will open the way for economic engagement with Iran, which should strengthen cooperation with outside partners and consequently will facilitate a new range of economic, trade and technological opportunities.

I firmly believe that this agreement will increase the level of security of all countries in the Middle East, Europe and beyond.