Presentation on Website for E-submission of Legislative Initiatives and Petitions

15 Oct 2019
Presentation on Website for E-submission of Legislative Initiatives and Petitions

The Parliament continues to elaborate on the Ten Major Challenges and communicate to the public on the results and measures actualized in light of these challenges during the autumn session.

Toward the beginning of the autumn session, we introduced ten key issues and challenges of the Georgian Parliament to our fellow citizens. The initiative, which we are to present today extends to all of these important issues, since the civic engagement and participation in the legislative and oversight activities will become far more flexible and convenient through this platform", - the Speaker, Archil Talakvadze noted at the presentation on the Website for e-submissions of legislative initiatives and petitions.

The Chair of the Procedural Issues and Rules Committee, Giorgi Kakhiani made a presentation on one of the 10 Parliamentary Challenges announced by the Speaker.

We have introduced a very important and interesting novelty to the Parliament. This is what we call the right of people's initiative and the mechanism. This initiative is to further strengthen the right of public initiative as one of the major institutions of democracy and at the same time, to ensure the civic engagement in the Parliamentary activities”, - Giorgi Kakhiani commented while dwelling upon the process and importance of the initiative.

While tending to his colleagues and the representatives of NGOs, Giorgi Kakhiani harped on the idea of creation the platform and touched upon the stages of its execution, including the legislative amendment that was reflected in the Parliament's Rules of Procedure and then an electronic platform was created with the opportunity for it to be made public, for the benefit of our citizens.

Giorgi Kakhiani expatiated upon the use of the electronic platform and the ways of collecting signatures of over 200 000 electorates and their submission in a capacity of a petition to the Parliament.
As the Chair of the Committee added, the legislative process is related to the idea of an Open Parliament, for which a number of action plans were implemented in the Parliament.

The project has been implemented within the framework of the Open Parliament program with the support of IDFI and the Permanent Parliamentary Open Governance Council.

The event was attended by MPs, media representatives and NGOs.