Irakli Sesiashvili: NATO integration progress is clear and unambiguous

14 Mar 2019
Irakli Sesiashvili: NATO integration progress is clear and unambiguous

Georgia is marked as the critical partner and the progress of Georgia and especially of the defense and security system achieved within NATO-Georgia substantial package is underlined, - the Chair of the Defense and Security Committee, Irakli Sesiashvili assesses the report of the NATO Secretary General for 2018.

He noted that NATO gives the progressive assessment to the reforms in Georgia. He responded to the statements of the opposition and stated that the statements about the crisis in defense and security sphere are groundless and the published document reflecting significant progress in this sphere is based on the experts’ reports.

It is the document providing 15 initiatives one of which is fulfilled and 2 – JTEC and Defense Institutional School – reveal the evident progress and can be recognized as fulfilled. The key point in the report is the progressive assessment of 6 initiatives by NATO expecting accomplishment thereof in 2019. It means that the reforms are estimated as progressive. These are the very important reforms concerning air defense, logistics, including law on transparency. In this regard, we will achieve the greater progress in 2019. It is not the political statement only but our opponents often speak groundlessly about the crisis in defense or security sector but the document published today is based on the reports by the experts providing detailed information about the progress Georgia achieved in defense and security sector”.

He expressed his expectations about NATO integration and noted that NATO integration progress is clear and unambiguous.

It makes us cherish the great expectations of fulfillment of all these 9 initiatives in 2019. 6 will be remaining, which requires significant efforts. It is evident that it means an intensive tie of Georgia to NATO. As you know, NATO Secretary General and the Military Committee visit Georgia in the end of March. And 2019 in total will be busy in terms of relations with NATO. You have heard the statement by the Secretary General that NATO increases Liaison Office in Georgia. It underlines that there is more NATO in Georgia and the progress on NATO integration path is clear and I cherish great expectations in terms of relations with NATO”.