The hearing of the Minister of Justice, Tea Tsulukiani accomplished

21 Mar 2019
The hearing of the Minister of Justice, Tea Tsulukiani accomplished

The Parliament held the 2-day hearing of the Justice Minister.

Pursuant to the Rules of Procedure, today the hearing was resumed with the statements by the Factions.

The Deputy Chair of the Faction National Movement, Salome Samadashvili gave the critical assessment to the activity of the Minister and her yesterday’s report. “When the Government is changed, our country will have the Government which will establish the independent Prosecutor’s system and real sense of justice in the society”, - she stated.

The Faction European Georgia-Regions member, Zurab Chiaberashvili spoke about the appeal of Georgia to ECHR concerning Russia to pay for the ethnic cleansing in 2008 and stated that the political opponents distorted the facts.

According to the Chair of the Faction European Georgia, Otar Kakhidze, the criminal policy and reforms are in alarming condition due to the Minister and the activity of the Minister as the coordinator in anti-corruption affairs is as well unsuccessful. In terms of countering drug-addition, the situation is also grave as the number of the injective drug users increased.

The Chair of the Patriots, Ada Marshania responded to the Minister. “Even if I give you the advice, you shall accept it. So, the first advice from me – let me remind you that you are here in capacity of the Minister and shall equally respond to every political force”. T

he Faction Georgian Dream member, Chair of the Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee, Sofo Kiladze assessed the report by the Minister: “I believe, we have made numerous steps in justice sphere to develop and improve various directions. I would particularly outline the Strasbourg Court. Yesterday, the Minister introduced the facts: only 1 decision out of 70 made by the ECHR against Georgia is from the period of authority of Georgian Dream – it is Vano Merabishvili case vs. Georgia. If in 2011, 400 cases have been sent from Georgia, the number in 2018 decreased to 99. It is the direct indicator of significant improvement of human rights in Georgia. These are the figures no one can avoid. I hope, the opponents will not declare their distrust to ECHR and its decisions”, - S. Kiladze noted.

The figures introduced by the Minister allow us believe that Georgia is on the correct track of democracy. She emphasized the juvenile crimes and the Governmental initiative.

I believe the Parliament will support this initiative. Another important issues is the mediation facilitating to discharge of the Courts and rapid and effective resolution of the disputes”.

Zakaria Kutsnashvili spoke about the penitential reform: “The penitential system had the gross problem – violence in the prisons. Sozar Subari, Kakhi Kakhiashvili and now Tea Tsulukiani managed to make this norm as an exception”.

Similar applied to the police departments, preliminary detention cells etc. “We adopted the special law entitling the citizens to give their testament in presence of the Judge, which has annulled this norm and today, no one can claim to find this system violence in any of the institutions”.

The historical law has been adopted on elimination of discrimination: “You never dared to adopt this law, the law on equality. We adopted this law and equipped the Public Defender with the rights to on annual basis, report to the Parliament and the society about the discrimination facts. We entitled the PD to directly appeal to the Court”.

T. Tsulukiani declared amnesty for 9000 inmates exempting from the criminal responsibility. “We adopted the law and stated that the manipulation of electoral lists shall be ended. T. Tsulukiani, upon assuming the office, declared the amnesty as the false IDs have been issued to 9000 persons. We did it in the very first year as we did not burn with desire to revenge”.

The laws adopted by Georgian Dream are for the people. “I mean the laws we have adopted for people. Can you name 9 laws adopted by you purposed for people? If you name even one adopted for the people, then I will apologize. Name at least one law adopted by us aggravating the condition of the Public Defender, Lawyers, aggrieved parties, judge and I will apologize and require responsibility of these people as of the initiators of the “aggravating” laws. People see everything and I hope that our activities will be estimated according to the laws made by us”.

The Chair of the Legal Issues Committee, Anri Okhanashvili thanked the Minister for solid, analytical and complex report. “I will speak about the cooperation prospects we enjoy on the joint bills to be initiated in the Parliament in 2019-2020. The Ministry has developed the new draft Criminal Code envisaging novelties regarding the punishments and criminal policy in general and we expect the bill to be initiated to the Parliament. In enforcement terms, the new Code will be developed aiming at compliance of the Code with the international standards. The law on Entrepreneurs by the Ministry envisages reflection of the EUAA directives and best international practice. The law on freedom of information also developed by the Ministry will consolidate the norms regulating accessibility to public information. The law on mediation is yet another step forward and is the progressive document”.

He called on the opposition to be engaged. “Tea Tsulukiani ensured development of the Juvenile Justice Code providing solid guarantees of protection of the rights of the children, so you shall admit such achievements, though there is one principal issue I shall tell you and it indicates to your total incapacity to admit success. Ladies and gentlemen, when we speak about criticism, it is acceptable for us if it is objective but you at least shall admit that when Georgia wins the dispute against Russia and Russia is imposed to pay 10 ml EURO as a compensation for Georgian citizens, it shall be recognized as the victory”.

The Majority Leader, Archil Talakvadze stated that it was yet another interesting Ministerial Hour.

This format proved that the new Rules of Procedure and the oversight reform are successful. He echoed the criticism and called on the opposition to express higher interest. “These two days revealed that the opposition has not a single essential question and interest. Colleagues, I could not see the interest to our future in your questions. You could ask at least 1 out of 100 questions about the real issues. We understand that you are tortured by the complexes about your past and try to cover it with aggressive questions. Just leave your past behind”.

He reminded the opposition about their mistakes and stated that T. Tsulukiani has to eliminate the mistakes made by them.

You at least own a gratitude to the Minister for elimination of your mistakes for years. You should find 3600 persons and interrogate but you provided the list of 120 people instead. You could even mention the case won vs. Russia. It is the world precedent that the small country won over the Empire in Strasbourg, which is of the greatest strategic importance”.

He noted engagement of the Minister in EU integration process: “We do our best to ensure close cooperation with our strategic partners – USA and EU. We will become the member of the European family where we naturally belong and the merit of the Justice Minister is immense as she was actively engaged in visa liberalization and EUAA implementation process. I see the optimism in the future plans of the Ministry and call on you to be optimistic about the future of our country”.

After the statements, the Minister delivered the resuming speech: “The incomplete report I have submitted was concerned the laws, fundamental changes, reforms, unprecedented constructions, state services, children, women, disputes vs. Russia at the international theater, reliable electoral list, 630 000 registered lands where the disputes are on 0.01% only, that the successful reform allows Georgian citizens saving 34 ml GEL. I will in mode details speak about the visa liberalization and the greatest achievement contributed by the Ministry upon summing up the 6-year activity. It is the only greatest achievement we will leave for our children”.