The resuming remarks by Giorgi Gakharia

02 May 2019
The resuming remarks by Giorgi Gakharia

The Parliament heard the Interior Minister, Giorgi Gakharia within the Ministerial Hour.

After the report, the Minister answered the questions.

The floor was given to the Chairs of the Committees, MPs, Factions and the Majority.

After the questions, the Minister delivered the resuming remarks:
First of all, I would like to address the average citizens of Georgia and each policeman, each rescuer, fire-fighter, border guard, all the people patrolling the occupation line, each officer of the Interior Ministry; and let me state that today, we all witnessed that we shall all take care of our country together”.

This day clearly revealed that certain group of people, deriving from their political interests, can speculate with David Gareji Monastery, Pankisi Gorge, individual tragedies and do it deliberately to receive the political dividend.

The Minister addressed the MIA officers: “You, my friends, shall know that it is the greatest honor to serve for security, health and future of Georgian citizens. The duty you fulfill on daily basis – 24/7 – fighting the fire, protecting the border, patrolling the occupation line, countering criminal – it is the highest honor and I call on you to stay concentrated and increase efficiency to give each and every citizen the peaceful and safe future, to allow every Georgian family taking care of their children, family and creating the welfare”.

He emphasized the challenges the Ministry encounters, as well as solutions which unfortunately is not the subject of interest of the opposition.
As to the challenges, they increase and today we are here to state that we are committed to speak about the criminal policy but we received no response. When we state that our deeds in the statistic part was the first step to make another, analysis-based step in the criminal policy, and when we told the opposition and invited them to discuss these changes together, there was no response. It means that these people are not interested, it means that when we speak about the future safety of our population and use this podium to state that there is the necessity of stricter criminal policy, there is no response”.

The greatest risk is to prevent discrediting the Parliamentary oversight.

It is the greatest risk as radicalization and polarization we witness puts the sense to zero of the qualitative positive agenda of the Parliament for the country determined to be developed, and I can clearly see it today”.

The Minister underlined that the Ministry belongs to every citizen and the common goal of every people is to have the police absolutely politically neutral and effective.

Let me officially state that the Interior Ministry belongs to every citizen”.