Plenary Session of the Parliament

17 Sep 2019
Plenary Session of the Parliament

Following the approval of the agenda of the plenary session, the Parliamentary podium, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, devoted the MPs’ statements.

Political Statements
Chair of the Education, Science and Culture Committee, Mariam Jashi: “Without exaggeration, I think 2019 served as a historic year for Georgia's education system reform. From the very first days of the sessions of the 9th convocation of Parliament, our committee underscored the requirement for a huge increment in subsidizing if we pretended to fundamentally reform the education system. This decision was made in 2019 and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Mamuka Bakhtadze. In just a few days, more than 30,000 teachers will receive increased pay, and thousands of well-deserved teachers will be dignified upon their retirement. The pension reform we are implementing in the education system, I believe, will not only be successful for Georgia, yet additionally become an example for both the central and eastern countries, and even more globally – on an international scale”.

Chair of the Regional Policy and Self-Government Committee, Temka and Sanzona Single Mandate MP Zaza Gabunia: “Decentralization reform is a way to make our regions more attractive to our citizens for living and working. For this purpose, the issues we were tasked by our people throughout the summer during our team meetings are to resolved more effectively, faster and more efficiently. These tasks refer to the issues related to water supply, gasification, agricultural and non-agricultural land plots, health and social services, education infrastructure and new opportunities for economic activity on the ground, which in turn means the creation of employment opportunities. As a result of decentralization, local self-government bodies, which are closest to the population, will be able to gradually allocate more resources in terms of competence, property, fiscal and financial fields, which means that our citizens will receive everything from local authorities they might be in need of”.

First Deputy Chair of the Sports and Youth Issues Committee, Shota Khabareli: “I would like to express the great joy that each of us has experienced these days. It was a brilliant success for our wrestlers. Lasha Gobadze and Nugzar Tsurtsumia won the World Championship. Also, let me tell you about Lukhum Chkvimiani, who also won the World Championship in Japan, in the judo capital ofTokyo. Lika Maisuradze also participated in the event thus making herself the discovery of Georgian judo. These young men brought six silver and two bronze medals to Georgia. This is a great success, which was triumphed by Eter Liparteliani, who won the gold medal at the European Championship for the first time. This means that judo holds a very proud future”.

Member of the Faction “European Georia – Regions”, Zurab Chiaberashvili: "NDI polls show us very clearly that when 63% of our citizens regard the economic situation as bad and alarming, when more than half of our citizens find it difficult to pay utility bills, unemployment, rising prices, poverty, lack of pensions, salaries - these remain problems that the Georgian Dream has not been able to overcome but has worsened for seven years and a clear indicator of this is the situation around the Georgian Lari, which is impairing daily”.

Deputy Chair of the Faction "European Georgia - Movement for Freedom" - Lela Keburia: "We all agree that the main challenge of this country is security and poverty. These problems can at least be partially resolved by the maintenance of the Anaklia Project. Anaklia is one of the important components of the country's security dimension, it is the project of the country's future and everyone should be more responsive to the project of importance to the country”.

Deputy Chair of the Faction “Alliance of Patriots and Social-democrats” - Ada Marshania: "From the Parliamentary podium we want to convey the clear messages that were voiced during the Alliance of Patriots protest rally at the US Embassy, which was neither anti-American nor destructive. Look at the Georgian people and stand where the Georgian people stand, and not where murderers, torturers, wicked and provocateurs in the form of Saakashvili and Bokeria stand. Stop their patronage, stop funding their so-called NGOs. Where do you find anti-Americanism here?!

Chair of the Faction “National Movement”, Roman Gotsiridze: “NDI research published today actually shows that you are coming to an end. This is the verdict of 7 years of your work as was manifested in the NDI research. On the other hand, it reflects the catastrophic situation in the country".

Deputy Chair of Faction "National Movement", Salome Samadashvili: “There is such an organization - Center for Rehabilitation of Torture Victims "Empathy". When I arrive at the occupation line and meet people who are abandoned by you in desolated villages, I realize that all of them are grateful to this center. The center is helping people who have been victims of Russian occupation, yet you did not support the introduction of sanctions against this regime yesterday. You also do not support the center whose testimonies, besides providing direct assistance, have been filed in Strasbourg to protect the rights of our citizens. Your Government, the Ministry of Health, has declared war against this organization. You sent a commission trying to deprive the organization of its license, and it all started after the center said it was ready to provide legal aid to those affected on June 20".

Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Dimitri Tskitishvili: “How can one not express anger at what we are looking at and what was going on yesterday at the European Integration Committee. The document presented by so-called European and pro-Western forces is nothing more than a primitive attempt to portray the issue as if someone is blocking a process that is part of de-occupation. They are well aware that the specifi results of this resolution may not be productive at all, but it is designed specifically for an emotional background in society, as the occupation is too painful for the emotion of each of our citizens, and therefore they are excited about their desire to manipulate this emotional background and it can be confirmed by yesterday’s developments".

Vice Speaker of Parliament, Sergi Kapanadze: “Pro-Putin forces have been strengthened in Georgia. You allocated seats for them in the Parliament, you let them create a faction. You are a pro-Russian power because you are funding publications that have Russian "Message Boxes" from the state budget. In recent years, talks emerged around the fact that Georgia started the war and above all, you elected the President who was continuously repeating this message".

Chair of the Faction “Georgian Dream”, Mamuka Mdinaradze: “Not Pro-Russian, you represent the Russian Power. You do a Russian job while managing your team. It is a double standard when your units, European Georgia and the National Movement itself, call themselves pro-Western, urge pro-Western forces not to join the Georgian Dream coalition in 2020, and your Secretary-general, Gigi Ugulava, says he will join pro-Russian forces in a sense to overthrow and defeat the government. These people have been ambushing for hearing something about the war and later interpret it, and on the other hand, both branches of the National Movement, transfers the most heinous crimes of his reign to us. You pretend to be agreeing with pragmatic policy and Western support for our state, yet, at the same time, you once again introduce a subject that is speculative, the consequences of which can only be detrimental to the Georgian state including the occupied territories. On the one hand, you narrate about Western values and the committee, while Giga Bokeria insults and threatens to destroy Sofo Katsarava. Then you stand out and talk about Western values with the pathos that you are right and believe in what you are talking about. You condemn the speculative statements and go on with such a pathos as if you were very irritated by this speculation and when the Prime Minister a few days ago talked about raising pensions and relevant resources, your leader appeared the following day saying that you have to force the Government to increase pensions. More speculation is probably unimaginable".

Independent MP Eka Beselia: "I would like you, as the Speaker of the Parliament, to coordinate the most important process so that the Legal Issues Committee, which is scheduled to begin interviews with Supreme Court nominees on Monday, should not be hasty, not forced, but of higher standard than that of the Council of Justice. This process has to be truly meaningful, and everyone should be given the opportunity to see whoever they choose in the Supreme Court premanently. Therefore, Mr. Archil, when you have prior consultation, advise those who should vote on the procedures for the ways of conducting the committee interviews”.

Member of the Faction “Alliance of Patriots and Social-democrats” - Emzar Kvitsiani: "I would like to touch upon the September 8th developments, when an indefinable group attacked me by scolding, swearing with accusation of my being a Russian slave, agent. It of course was the instruction of those being in this hall, including Giga Bokeria. I wonder why these people are constantly talking about Russia. Anyone they wish will be blamed for being pro-Russian. Attack is the best form of defence. Which Russia and the pro-Russian forces can compete those who deliberately transferred 22% of our territories to Russia?! These people are blaming us here and trying to stick ill-matched labels"

Chair of the Defense and Security Committee, Irakli Sesiashvili: “Mr. Sergo, let us often enjoy your democratic speech, which again demonstrates the fundamental difference between us and you. A few days ago, you put on a play around the issue of the attack to the Parliament and you were busy whistling. You and your colleagues in the National Movement in 2016 knew all too well about the burden on sins your faction had embarked, but it is in the name of this political force that you are sitting in the Parliament today, leading us and talking about democracy. In your time when you joined the National Movement, even though you knew very well what kind of sins of this political power had, you are still here today to acknowledge these sins again. The only thing we agree on is the fundamental difference between you and us. Here we talk about pro-Western and pro-Russian approaches and attitudes, and it's a shame, really. Do you know what that is? You want this country to fall apart and the population to be in a very difficult situation. Only then can you somehow realize your political goals. This is your main strategy. So that's the whole point of talking to you and do you know what the fundamental difference between you and us is? In response to this apocalyptic picture you have drawn, we are still getting full recognition from NATO and the EU on the reforms implemented by the Government of Georgia”.

Member of the Sports and Youth Issues Committee, Levan Kobiashvili: “I would like to focus on two issues. The first one is about someone who we have been proud of for many years. I am referring to Zaza Pachulia, who has completed his career and I would like to take this responsibility and thank his for his deeds. The second issue - very soon, in a few days the World Rugby Championship will take a start in Japan and I wish us well deserved success".

Chair of the Faction “European Georgia”, Otar Kakhidze: "I do not blame the Georgian authorities for the destructive illegal actions of the Russian Federation. Although you have taken every step by releasing spies, returning to all formats, bringing in Gazprom and signing contracts with them, all concessions you could have made to Russia, and finally, you triumphed with Gavrilov having seated in this chair. Despite all this, the actions that Russia is taking are their fault, not yours".

Majority Leader, Giorgi Volski: “The active use of the topic of Russia has become a trend of fashion, it is easy to talk, it is a little bit difficult to speak about numbers. There are issues that can be argued, even constructive arguments, but this is not a topic, it is not subject to arguments. It actually happened that every offer, every strategic plan that the United States and the EU had worked out with us was violated. I especially address to young people because all the statements and propaganda steps are directly aimed at washing your brain. As for that painless resolution, first of all, why do you employ the painless resolutions if they are of no good?! But it is not painless - it is a deliberate, rather insidious plan that, sooner or later, economic intervention should be strengthened. They intend to take you to the front line unarmed and you know exactly that the enemy will hit you with a much more effective weapon. That was the goal, the main goal. As for issues related to education, sports, let's argue about these issues. The merit of the state did not appear to be that the “Mother Tongue” returned to schools. This is a fact and we compete with these values and the public should weigh these values up in the political arena. Wait for the elections and do everything, I especially urge the Government not to keep the issue unanswered, even if it concerns the specific needs of each individual".

After the political statements, the plenary session continued with the legislative process.

The Chairman of the Legal Issues Committee, Anri Okhanashvili, introduced the draft law "On Amendments to the Law of Georgia on State Inspector Service" and presented the package of the related draft laws.

According to the rapporteur, the draft law envisages the introduction of new terms - "Officer of the Investigation Unit of the State Inspect Service/Investigation Unit Officer" and "Investigator of the State Inspector Service/Investigator".

Parliamentary Secretary of the Government, Natia Mikeladze presented the draft resolution of the Parliament of Georgia on Early Termination of the Authority of the Head of the State Security Service of Georgia, Vakhtang Gomelauri.

First Deputy Minister of Justice, Mikheil Sarjveladze introduced to the lawmakers with the III reading the draft law on Mediation and the package of draft laws with its amendments. He also talked about the draft laws “On Release from Administrative Penalty” and “On Amendments to the Criminal Code of Georgia”.

The first part of the plenary session ended with voting procedures. Members of Parliament voted and adopted the issues prepared for the vote, including the draft resolution on Early Termination of the Authority of the Head of the State Security Service of Georgia, Vakhtang Gomelauri, which was unanimously approved in favor by 78 votes.

After the break the MPs got acquainted with the agenda items.

The MP, Simon Nozadze, with II reading, presented the Bill “On the Amendment to the Law "On State Security Service of Georgia" by articles.

Ada Marshania briefed her colleagues, with II reading, on the Bill "On Amendments to the Law on Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories of Georgia".

MP Gogla Gulordava highlighted the draft law "On Amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses of Georgia".

At the end of the sitting, Merab Kvaraia presented with III reading the draft law “On Amendments to the Organic Law of Georgia on the Code of Local Self-Government”.

The next plenary session of the Parliament will be held on September 18 at 12:00.