The statements of MPs at the plenary session

25 Jun 2019
The statements of MPs at the plenary session

The Acting Speaker, Tamar Chugoshvili addressed the MPs: “We have been through the hard days at the Parliament triggered in this hall and hopefully accomplished in this hall. The youth have spent the days at the protest rally, some tried to attack the Parliament which resulted in the grave circumstances and injuries of the youth. First of all, we shall take care of them and use this week to consider every single issue and discuss the questions. It shall be our common task”.

The European Georgia and the National Movement MPs Elene Khoshtaria, Tinatin Bokuchava and Salome Samadashvili spoke about the procedures and required inclusion of the initiated issues to the agenda on resignation of the Interior Minister and release of the detained youth.

According to the Chair of the Faction Georgian Dream, Mamuka Mdinaradze, it is a continuation of the destruction incited by the opposition. “Please, assume responsibility for what you have done entailing this tragedy we all beheld, for using the fair emotions of our citizens, for your will of destruction and coups in the country. Nika Melia, you are the main disaster of the country along with Mikheil Saakashvili”.

According to T. Chugoshvili, the initiative shall be through the respective procedures pursuant to the Rules of Procedure to be included into the agenda. In line with the law, the initiative will be put to the Bureau agenda on July 1 and reflected in the plenary agenda.

MPs resumed with the statements. M. Mdinaradze underlined that the Government on June 20 developments, was the first to have an adequate response and the apologies was promptly made. However, the National Movement tries to direct the healthy emotions of the youth and refuses to assume political responsibility as evidenced with their reaction to the Government-offered proportional elections.

They proved that they need no multi-party Parliament. “As a result, we have the irritated people the health of which we shall take care of on daily basis and someone shall assume the responsibility and first of all, those calling on these people to protest. They also refuse to assume responsibility for they have conceded the territories to Russia, then voting for the Russian resolutions and for the current developments. That is why they are irritated as they cannot imagine the multi-party Parliament”.

According to the Chair of the Healthcare and Social Issues Committee, Akaki Zoidze, everyone is responsible for these consequences. “Georgian Dream has assumed its share of responsibility by resignation of the Speaker – the highest official under the Constitution and by lifting the mandate by our colleague, as well as by offering the proportional elections with zero threshold not because it will ensure certain privileges for us or the opponents demand it, but because it was ordered by the society”.

It is the step for elimination of civil confrontations and polarization. “Elections, allowing every citizen to vote, is principal for us to avoid the deadlock, and to achieve the civil consent making every citizen that his/her voice will never be lost”.

The responsibility shall first of all be imposed to the inciters of the coup.

Eka Beselia addressed the Georgian Dream: “The ruling party appeared face to face with the people today but you keep bringing the violent regime to the country and if you cannot even realize it, then you shall leave and give way to the youth”.

Uninterrupted mistakes led to this situation we encounter during the last year. I somehow feel that it was a provocation as the Assembly should not be held in Tbilisi”, - Zviad Kvachantiradze noted. June 20 developments is the responsibility of the Interior Minister: “If Gakharia rejects to report to the Parliament, it will mean unanswered questions. So, he must appear. He could stop this process”.

The Patriots MP, Ada Marshania required to summon the Interior Minister, SAS Chief and Prosecutor General to the Parliament.

The Chair of the Defense Committee, Irakli Sesiashvili estimated the police actions: “We assume responsibility for the developments but let’s be objective in assessment. The police, for 2 hours, was absolutely tolerant to the violence despite its legitimate right to respond but they stood still protecting the Parliament and the citizens. Up to 100 policemen were injured which entailed the necessity of the additional forces. But, it is the shame for the inciters and for the people foreseeing the risk to the health but never making a remark. Shame on the people who fled. So, if we speak about responsibility, unfortunately there were the cases when the police used the excessive force and they will be put to responsibility. 10 policemen have suspended authority and 2 are under the criminal proceedings. However, it is important to give the adequate response to our society and protect them from this political plague”.

According to Koba Kobaladze, everyone shall assume responsibility. “Our team has already assumed responsibility. The Speaker has resigned and MP has lifted his mandate. We also hold the legal assessment of the processes”.

Gedevan Popkhadze stated that a uniform assessment standard shall be used as for June 20, so for November 7 and May 26. “We shall have the uniform moral standard. We shall not estimate November 7 and May 26 with the same standard because we were not the participants of those processes. But I do not mean everyone as some of them were against those events. The uniform standard is necessary for elementary morality. We were accused of being agents on November 7 planning the coup and it was the reason for the then Government to invade TV Imedi. As to June 20, there was not a moral standard. We declared the war to own people”.

According to Giorgi Gachechiladze, Russia needed a reason for the provocation in the Parliament and used the opposition. “Cannot we see the organizers? Who delivered our economy to Russia at OSCE Summit in 2008 signing the document recognizing that Georgia attacked Tskinvali. It is the people concluding the document with Russia on delegation of Enguri HPP in 2008. Grigol Vashadze we know. It was the provocation by Russia. Now, it is hard to clarify the situation. So, we shall tell the truth to the society and the threats it may entail. Russia would never dare to act without the support in the political organizations”.

According to David Chichinadze, instead of trying to calm down the situation, we further tense it with our remarks. “We, MPs, instead of trying to lower the temperature in the country, we make remarks and trigger confrontations and tense the situation. But you don’t want to hear about the situation in the street”, - he addressed the Majority.

Koba Narchemashvili stated that Georgian Dream has its certain fault in the situation as let the National Movement to stay as the opposition party. “Thus, Georgian Dream facilitated to own discredit and justified this destructive force”.

The developments were entailed with absence of the contextual changes in the law-enforcement structures from the personnel of 2004-2009. “It is also categorically inadmissible to put the average policemen to the judgment. The higher officers shall as well assume the responsibility”.

According to Sofo Kiladze, she witnessed all deplorable facts: “We demand all those people using the excessive force and authority to be put to judgment. The penalty shall be strict for all the policemen committing this crime. It is our duty. If we fail, we will resemble the National Movement but we have the obligation to lead the country with the democratic way. Naturally, I do not mean all the policemen protecting the human rights, I do not mean the policemen providing the citizens with the bottles of water, tolerating the insults and violence triggered by the National Movement”.

The ruling party has already paid the political price: “We have made a greatest mistake when allowed Gavrilov to sit in the Speaker’s Chair. Our response was immediate and we paid the political price”.

She asked the National Movement about their answer to the society for the provocations. “They were inciting the storm to the Parliament and then they fled and hid leaving the youth confronting the police. I demand the punishment for the policemen and I demand the punishment for the inciters. Everyone committing the crime shall assume responsibility”.

According to Otar Danelia, the Interior Minister prevented the coup. “240 persons have been injured including 100 policemen. But we forget that these people risked their lives to protect the statehood. 30 policemen out of 100, kidnapped from the line, are bitten. We shall not dismiss Giorgi Gakharia with an instant. The opposition is not the party to decide his dismissal or appointment”.

The ruling party offered the proportional elections with the zero thresholds. “Georgian Dream has made the decision to hold the proportional elections in 2020 with zero thresholds”.

According to Beka Odisharia, it is not time to gain political points. “We all understand the situation and know who tries to gain benefits from this protest. So, I call on you – Majority or Minority MPs, Independent and Opposition MPs to realize that every blow damages the country. So, take care of each other and the country. The reality is that the ruling party and its supporters dominate with the principle – me in the authority or nothing. If I am in the authority, then the police are heroes, if not – then they are the executioners. So, we shall tell the truth to the people”.

According to Nato Chkheidze, the ruling party shall assume responsibility, Interior Minister shall resign and the detained people shall be released. Emzar Kvitsiani demanded the set-up of the Fact Finding Commission.

According to Giorgi Lomia, any special means for routing the rallies shall be prohibited entailing injuries. “We do not need the coup d’état but we need a political coup, the change but the Government shall ensure order and peace and direct all the efforts to renovation of the political spectrum. It requires elimination of anti-Constitutional actions, punishment of all provocateurs. Only peace can guarantee the healthy thinking, which is the deficit in our politics. The society shall the new space and the solution from the deadlock. Georgian Dream shall fulfill the function of the temporary authority and ensure order, stability and fair elections”, - Gia Zhorzholiani noted.

Bidzina Gegidze envisages responsibility for June 20-21 developments to the Interior Minister stating that he would resign.

The Vice Speaker Giorgi Volski responded: “No matter how hard is it for us, we shall recognize that the National Movement leads the actions in the Parliament or out. It does not mean that the society is not fair in its protest the deplorable fact of letting Gavrilov sit in the Speaker’s Chair, use of excessive force by the police entailing injuries of our citizens and youth. We somehow lost the reality each aspect of which is crucial for the present and future of the country”.

It is deplorable that the opposition tried to invade the Parliament for the coup. “We shall think of it that our colleagues triggered one of the significant plans of the opposition. Now, they try to create the artificial crisis using the Russian mechanisms accusing us of discussing the agricultural issues while we have the bill on Land to prevent the land-related problems”.

He thanked the police for preventing destabilization.

Our society was damaged morally, physically, politically and economically. The Speaker has resigned, MP has lifted the mandate. Now, we shall be reasonable to prevent the chaos in the country and destabilization planned by the group of our opponents”.

According to Levan Kobiashvili, the football players and football clubs expressed their position at various arenas and in various cities.

Georgian football players and clubs expressed their position in various cities and at various arenas which is the only true position. They underlined the fact that football is not 45 minutes only but much more”.

Despite the letters of menace, our football players openly expressed their position.

The Parliament resumed with the agenda.