The Plenary Session of the Parliament

02 Aril 2015
The Plenary Session of the Parliament

The agenda included up to 50 issues. MPs considered the draft on Social Aid with the II reading, envisaging addition of the transitional provision to legalize excessively accrued allowance before April 1, 2015 not to be subject to refund.

The draft on Product Safety and Free Circulation with the II reading envisages addition of gas stations to the hazard objects and withdrawal of grain storage and processing facilities (miles).

The draft on Permit on Impact on Environment and the draft on Code of Administrative Offenses envisage new edition of the activity implementer, namely it may be the natural or legal entity. The term “Agreement” shall be specified, envisaging relevant decision by the Ministry to confirm authority to further implement activity.

The draft on the Rule and Probation of Enforcement of Non-Imprisonment Penalties was considered with the I reading. The draft authorizes the detainer officer to require from the detained to pass drug test within 5 days. MPs supported the draft.

MPs considered the draft on Code on Imprisonment and up to 40 by-laws. The changes envisage reformation of the system of the Ministry of Corrections. Namely, the Ministry shall be divided into two directions: civil service and special penitential service. The Chair of Human Rights Committee, Eka Beselia called the changes as the step forward to human rights protection. On the one hand, the draft protects human rights and provides requirements of the law. MPs supported the drafts except the article 41 of the Code on Imprisonment, which will be voted after the III reading.

MPs considered with accelerated manner the draft on Social Aid submitted with the III reading. MPs supported the draft.

MPs voted for Resolution on election of the Chairs of the Committees: Gia Zhorzholiani as the Chair of the Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee; Tamaz Mechiauri as the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee; Teimuraz Chkuaseli as the Chair of the Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committee and Tinatin Khidasheli as the Chair of EU Integration Committee.