The Plenary Session of the Parliament

29 Aril 2015
The Plenary Session of the Parliament

The Speaker made the statement about the plenary session to be held on April 30. He welcomed the cadets of G. Antsukhelidze Cadet Training Center visiting the Defense and Security Committee and attending the session.

The UNM MP, G. Baramidze echoed the changes in the Government. The changes are the result of activity by the people, expressed on March 21 and other rallies. “This is the important day. We have a chance to move to the new stage as the Government is no longer authorized for activity”. Georgia needs effective and uncorrupted Government to deal with the problems.

The Speaker echoed this statement. “We all are free to express our opinions but I do not want to make misleading statements from this podium and make the impression that the Government is not authorized. I remind you that under the Constitution, the Government is authorized, with vote of confidence, legitimate and continues activity unless the Parliament endorses the new Government”. This is the Constitutional process. “In case of renovation of 1/3 of the Government, the new vote of confidence shall be issued by the Parliament under the Constitution. The previous edition was the heritage, allowing full change of the government without asking the Parliament. Evaluation of activity by the Government is the task for all of us but the please, do not make any ground for doubt from this podium”.

G. Tevdoradze echoed the statements by I. Garibashvli. “I am not sure that the new Government will include I. Garibashvili as Georgia has only fictive PM, making less impact on processes than any average member of B. Ivanishvili’s circle. I am sure that the statement made in Kutaisi was not his subjective opinion but the general mood by the ruling team to Kutaisi and Imereti. There was expectation of the concrete plan about future of Imereti but the Government offered the cheap theatre of absurd”.

PM stated that Tskaltubo may become the important balneology resort though this project should be accomplished in 2014; PM stated that “pleasant innovation” is about24-hour water supply of Kutaisi, though water supply system rehabilitation should be accomplished in 2013 and now is suspended by the Government. “The most important part was the example of political non-responsibility, cynical attitude that the Governmental Premise shall be included in the list for privatization and the Parliamentary Premise to serve for any other function. This function is conditioned under the Constitution, so please respect the Constitution”.

Free Democrats MP, Z. Abashidze noted that optimal solution is to bring B. Ivanishvili to the Government back, to assume responsibility for the country unless the elections are held. It will end non-formal governance of him.

Majority MP, N. Kantaria evaluated the events concerning B. Ivanishvili business center. He addressed the society not to tolerate ingratitude. “The events in Zugidid are inadmissible when two MPs were met by aggressive people. It is ingratitude when the items are thrown to B. Ivanishvili’s gates. It is no democracy at all. It is criminal act”.

Minority MP, L. Kurtanidze stated that being in opposition requires responsibility which UNM lacks. “We remember the routing of rallies during your governance. Today we have new reality. The Interior Minister provided security of your rallies. I want you to open your eyes and see democracy-oriented Government. You owe the country an apology”.

UNM MP, L. Bezhashvili asked to invite the international law experts. “Two months passed since we last received information from Prosecutor’s Office about international prosecutors. Today even the students know that these experts have no legal status in criminal proceedings. Thus, what is their procedural status to make legal conclusions? Country pays them 2 ml GEL per year. This is the wasted money. We want to know who these people are, what their background is. There are many doubts that they are hired by laborist groups. I ask to invite these people and consider these issues. We want to know their status, their financing”.

Minority MP, Z. Melikishvili called on MPs to allow children to become 6 before December 31, enter primary school.

G. Magradze asked to declare moratorium on wood cutting. Trees shall be important as humans. She recalled incident on Tamarashvili street. Georgian Dream stated that the main datum is human. Thus all aspects shall be considered in this term. MPs considered the draft on Criminal Code of Practice correcting specific terms. The convicts under the prosecution prior to enactment of the Code shall further undergo the criminal case. The term of conviction prior to the trial shall start on May 1, 2015 and to be defined with 9 months.

MPs considered the draft resolutions on Granting Privileges and Immunity to EIB Georgia Representation; on Financial Agreement on AMMAR between Georgia and Agricultural Development Fund; on Agreement between Georgia and Sweden on Exchange of Classified Information; on Financial Cooperation Agreement between Georgia and Turkey signed on December 15, 2014.

MPs considered the draft on Code on Administrative Offenses. According to E. Beselia, the amicus curiae shall be inculcated in administrative proceedings. “Any person, not being the party or the third party, is entitled, 5 months prior to the consideration, to submit his/her written opinion”.

MPs considered the draft by T. Khidasheli on Socio-Economic and Cultural Development of Mountainous Regions” correcting the name of the village. A. Bolkvadze initiated the change to the same law also correcting the mistakes.

MPs considered the draft on Legal Status of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons, increasing the list of authorized bodies to issue visa, supplementing it with MFA. Visa definition shall be reformulated as the permit to the travel document. Residence permits shall be supplemented with the new category, short-term permit.

MPs considered the draft on Rights of the Patients by D. Khundadze. The parents or legal representatives of minors shall not be informed about his/her health state if the patient is against undergoing HIV/AIDS diagnostics.

MPs considered the draft on Criminal Code with the I reading and adopted with 63 votes for against 32. The article 239/1 shall be added to the Code envisaging responsibility for call for violence in terms of racial, religious, national, regional, ethnic, social, political, lingual groups.

Majority and minority supported the Tax Code draft, changing the tax rate for natural persons defining it with 5% instead of 20%. “The draft re-regulates inclusion of VAT for tax-payers upon retroactive taxation. For failure of payment of terms in due time, the fee for every overdue day shall be defined as 0.05%”, - Deputy-Finance Minister, L. Khutsishvili stated. The payments and paid sanctions shall be refunded in new way. The owners of mechanic vehicles with custom clearance made before April 1, 2015 shall be exempted from tax responsibility.

The next plenary session will be held on April 30, at 12h00.