The US Delegation to OSCE Highly Estimates Gigi Tsereteli's Work

21 Jan 2020
The US Delegation to OSCE Highly Estimates Gigi Tsereteli's Work

The US Delegation to the OSCE has released a statement praising the work of OSCE PA President Gigi Tsereteli.

“Mr. President, under your dynamic leadership, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly has engaged actively across the OSCE region. We value the new level of collaboration between the Parliamentary Assembly and the Permanent Council that you and the Assembly’s leadership have fostered.
My delegation also deeply appreciates the Assembly’s Vienna Liaison Office, under Ambassador Nothelle, and looks forward to continuing that constructive relationship.

Under your leadership, the Parliamentary Assembly’s ad hoc Committees and Special Representatives have enhanced collaboration with this Permanent Council and OSCE Executive Structures as well as with the OSCE field missions, Partners for Cooperation, and other international organizations.

That interaction has improved our effectiveness as we work together to combat corruption, elevate engagement with civil society, and invigorate the role of women and youth in peace and security.
We appreciate the Assembly’s strong stance and condemnation of Russia’s ongoing aggression in the OSCE area. Moscow’s contravention of Helsinki principles is particularly flagrant, not only in Ukraine, but also in your home country of Georgia. 

The United States shares the Assembly’s dedication to the development of democratic institutions and defense of human rights and fundamental freedoms, which continue to be violated in many OSCE countries. 

Mr. President, we urge the Parliamentary Assembly to keep up the good work. With gratitude for the time and effort and your successes you have devoted to our common cause, I wish you the best as you pass your responsibilities to a new president in July. You will remain a trusted friend of the United States and the OSCE”, - the statement reads.

George Tsereteli has served as the President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly since November 2017. He was twice elected to the post by secret ballot in an organization of 57 countries, with nearly 400 Parliamentarians. In July 2020, the Assembly will elect a new President in Vancouver.